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Plan a Perfect Girls' Pajama Party to Have Insane Amounts of Fun

Girls' Pajama Party
Are you planning to have a pajama party at your place? If yes, then you might need some of the girls' pajama party ideas given below for a rocking and successful bash.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Pajama party is one of those rare moments for teenage where they get to enjoy their own way, without any restrictions. Gossiping, makeovers, movies, and junk food is what a girls' pajama party is generally all about! However, there are many other things that can help in making this bash successful. To make any party a hit, a few basics need to be always kept in mind. Firstly, the number of guests, as the food, entertainment, and sleeping arrangements of the party will depend on the number of guests. Also, be prepared for some uninvited extra guests as the invitees can get a friend along with them. The following are some ideas for you.
As pajama party is an informal bash, one does not need to stick to the classic invitation format. Use your creativity to make innovative invitations. One of the popular invitation cards for a pajama party is a pillow-shaped card. You can make these type of cards at home all by yourself. You can also download a template from the Internet. The following are some interesting wordings, fit for a pajama party.
  • A pajama party would be divine!
    We'll watch fun movies, play games, eat popcorn and cake,
    For you to join us would be great!
    See you on (date)
    It's at my house (street)
    Have your mom drop you off at 7!
    Pick up is at 10 the next day
    (But your mom can be late!)
  • Bring your pillow and your sleeping bag
    And join us for an evening of magic and fun!
    We won't worry about time,
    Because, it's our pajama night!
    Snack foods and pillow fights,
    telling stories till dawn's early light!
    Beauty tips and doing our hair,
    talking about boys,
    if only my parents weren't gonna be there!
    Wear your PJs and join us for a
    Pajama Party!
  • We'll eat pizza, pop popcorn
    and the boys will be banned!
    We'll order pizza; watch movies too,
    and do all the things that girls like to do!
    Like paint our nails and paint our toes,
    and stay up all night as everyone knows!
Games are actually not needed at a pajama party, because most of the time is spent in giggling and pillow fighting, and the remaining half in sleeping! However, games are a sure shot way to keep each child entertained, which also means less chaos. One classic pajama party game is passing the pillow. To make this game more interesting, present a small gift to the girl who is holding the pillow when the music stops. However, make sure that each girl does get a gift! Another interesting game is Test Your Taste Buds. As the name suggests, the participants have to taste certain foodstuffs and recognize them, but the catch is that the participants are to be blindfolded. Have a variety of foods, like milkshake, mustard sauce, tea, etc., for the test. The girl who recognizes most of the items, wins.
Murder mystery is another fun pajama party game. For this, make one chit of the murderer and the rest of the chits of the murdered, and make the girls pick one chit. They are not supposed to disclose their identity. Whenever the murderer comes across a murdered player, she is supposed to wink at her. As soon as the murderer winks, the murdered person has to lay down, i.e., has to act dead until the game ends. Anyone can make an accusation. However, if the participant is wrong, she too has to be dead till the rest of the game.
The host of the pajama party has to arrange for dinner as well as breakfast of the invitees. You do not need to have any exotic dishes for this kind of party. You can just have different kinds of cookies and pizzas served. You can also serve popcorn, crackers, and pretzels, especially if it is a movie-themed party. And , ice creams are of course a must! For breakfast, you can serve bacon, sandwiches, cakes, fruit salad, etc. Just make sure that the breakfast is healthy, as the dinner generally consists of junk food.
This was all the information you will need to host a rocking girls' pajama party. Girls tend stay in small groups so make sure that none of the invitees feel left out.
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