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Planning for a Couples' Party? You Must Try These Spicy Ideas

Couples' Party Ideas
Planning a couples party can mean having insane amounts of fun. Things that you cannot do at a kids-included party, for example, or an all-inclusive one. What are some of the special things that you can do while planning a couples party? The following article will help you plenty.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
Here's what throwing a couples party guarantees ―a whole lot of fun, inside jokes, teasing, laughter and all things coupl-y. Maybe a blatant display of PDA? Or maybe it's not that type of a party. So that's what you've decided to do. You've decided to throw a couples party and your mind is going into overload thinking of all the things that need to be done. What will the theme be? What will you set out for the main course? Will there be a dress code? What kind of games should you play and more of those niggling doubts. Leave that for now and zip through the following article. Why? For what will follow are some of the most fun and unique couples' party ideas that will set the thinking wheels into motion and get you coming up with really, really awesome ideas for that party of yours. Sounds like fun? It is, it is.

Unique Couples' Party Ideas
Of the varied things that one has to arrange for at a party, the criteria undergoes a serious change when the factor of being a 'couples only' party comes into being. It means that you have to think of everything as a couple.
So what are some of the things that you can do to get this party started? Here are some of the factors that you can consider for the best party ideas.
  • The invites
  • The themes
  • The music and food
  • The games

♥ The Invites...
The card should contain the venue, the date, timing, dress code and any other details that you need to have added there. Think only the medium of a card allows you the liberty of inviting guests over? Think again. Here are some of the more tech savvy, some nature friendly and some plain old-fashioned ways of inviting your esteemed guests over.

» Via a Card - A handwritten card that gives the 'what, where, when and how' of the party. Make it funny, make it to the point and make it compelling.

» Via Text Messaging - Since we are on the phone all the time, why not let it happen in that way? Formulate a brief message about the details of the party and put it in there. Then end with something that'll make them want to get themselves there.

» Via Email - Computer savvy and what not since we are, use this method to draft an invite that reflects you and the significant other. Saving paper and being funny. Good deal. Really good deal, if you ask me.

♥ The Themes...
You could have a plain set up by getting your home spic and span and impress them thus or you could take the opportunity to get some elaborate themes in order. Themes as in the decorations, the costumes and the settings that you'll carry out to make the venue fit for a couples night. A brief look into some of the couples party themes that you could use.

» Cupid Fever - Hearts and more hearts. Balloons, candies, heart pictured T-shirts and more. Paint hearts with red and pink colors as the guests walk in. God you could do so, so much with this theme. Are you getting there?

» Pair Them Up - Get them emulating all the famous couples in Hollywood and folklore, complete with famous couples costumes and makeup. Then simply concentrate on filling in the atmosphere with multicolored lights and more.

» Eras Over the Years - Another famous theme that promises a whole lot of scope. Tap into some of the eras (60s, 70s, 80s, etc.) Get the guests to dress like that and you won't even have to put in any special effort on the decors. They'll automatically be taken care of.

» Arabian Nights - Imagine the whole deal of Arabian costumes, bolsters and mattresses on the floor, shimmering mirrors and dim lights, hookahs and incense sticks. Isn't it one of the best things that you can think of?

♥ The Food and Music
'Cause of course these are important. What do we do about this one? Here's what you can try with these.

» Food - A really simple way of going about this? Just think of the theme you're having and then arrange for food accordingly. Like if it's the Arabian nights theme, then you could get in Middle Eastern cuisine as a complimentary factor. Or you could use it as a love theme by cooking simple dishes and then giving them names that have got to do with romance and love.

» Music - The same theory applies here too. Arrange for the music in accordance with the theme or have a loop of all the romantic numbers playing. Or arrange for music that compliments the games that you're playing. Simple.

♥ The Games...
A 'couples only' party and you're going to let go of the opportunity to tease the couples there? Why? Use these couples party game ideas that are especially formulated keeping that fact in mind.

» Naughty Words - So you've heard of Charades, right? This fun party game for couples is something like that, except, more fun and adult oriented. Come up with terms that have a sexual connotation to them like 'Skinny dipping', 'Foot fetish', 'Strip tease' and more, and make chits of the same. Then divide the group into two teams and have them play a normal game of Charades, except with this theme in mind. Can you imagine the fun and laughs that this game will bring forth?

» Candy Hog - This game falls under one of the most entertaining couples party games for adults that can be played. What we do is, we arrange for a bowl of candy that has its wrapping intact. Both partners are made to wear mittens and at the blow of the whistle, they have to work through the bowl of candy, removing the wrappers and transferring them into another bowl. At the end of the stipulated time, the couple that has the most candy, wins.

» Touch Me Not - Another one that involves mittens. The guys are separated from their partners and are made to wear mittens and are blindfolded. The ladies are asked to stand in line. The objective of the game is that the guys have to feel the head of the ladies and identify who their partner is. Really, really tough. But, fun nonetheless? You bet.

There. That should help you plan a great party. With all the factors listed like so, all you have to do is bring it into action and voila!―a great party awaits.
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