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Fun Party Games for Couples to Add More Spice to Your Love Life

Fun Party Games for Couples
Pass around blank pieces of paper to all your guests. Tell each guest to write down the name of a household item that they would love to get rid of, along with five reasons why. Once everyone has finished writing, tell them to cross out the name of that item and write the name of their spouse or partner in its place. Then each person has to read out their list saying, "I want to replace 'Andrew' because he is...". This game gets a lot of laughs and the one with the funniest list wins.
Marian K
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
Fun party games for couples serve a dual purpose of helping guests interact and keeping everyone entertained. Sometimes, it takes a few games for everyone to loosen up and get the party started. If you find that your guests really enjoy the games, then you can play a few more. It is good to plan the games before the party, and keep the game supplies and prizes ready. Here are a few party games for couples that are sure to make your parties known as the best ones in town!
Famous Couples
To prepare for this game, you need to write the names of famous couples on mailing labels. As your guests arrive, stick a label onto each person's back. The game is played by each person asking other people at the party, a question about the famous couple that can be answered with a yes or no. While the first person to guess correctly wins, the game should be allowed to go on until most of your guests figure out their famous couple.
Mix and Match
Put together a collection of male and female clothes, from pantyhoses and lingerie to shoes and hats. Ensure that there are equal numbers of male and female items. Pile all the pieces into a large laundry basket. When you yell go, all the couples run to the basket and start getting dressed. Men put on women's clothing and women put on men's clothing, over their own clothing. When you yell stop, the couples should stop, find their mate, and stand in a line. The best dressed couple wins.
Bag a Mate
Separate men and women into different rooms. Put a large paper bag over each person's head and send both the groups back into one room. No one is allowed to speak, and each person must find his or her mate by feeling around. The first couple to find each other must quietly inform the host and they will be the winners. This will allow all the others to continue playing. The game will end when each player finds the right partner. Announce the winners at the end and distribute awards.
Sit in a circle and have everyone take one playing card. The person who has picked the joker is the sniper. The sniper kills people by winking at them. Everyone has to look around to find the sniper. Each person who is winked at calls out "I'm dead", and moves out of the circle. If anyone thinks they have identified the sniper they should point that person out. However, if you get it wrong, then you are dead and out. If you are right, then you've won the game.
Shave Your Partner
This is the most interesting and fun game for couples at a party. The equipment required for this game is whipped cream, blindfolds, plastic spoons and towels. One of the two players will be blindfolded during this activity. He/she will then apply whipped cream on the partner's face and try to shave it off with a plastic spoon. The time limit for this game should be 1 minute. Prizes can be given away based on the categories- Funniest shave, Best shave, Worst shave, etc.
Tie a Ribbon
Purchase some ribbon and cut it in various lengths. Make sure you have sufficient uneven pieces of ribbon for all the pairs. Hide the ribbon pieces in different corners of the house and ask the pairs to find them. The pairs should find as many ribbon pieces as possible and tie them together to make a long piece of ribbon. Searching and tying should continue for 10 minutes. After the time out, measure all the ribbon pieces and reward the couple who has created the longest ribbon piece.
While preparing for these fun party games for couples, ensure that you have prizes ready for the winners. These games are a great way for your guests to let go of their inhibitions, be silly and have a lot of fun together.
Senior Couple Enjoying Meal Together
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