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Make Homecoming Extra Special With These Creative Poster Ideas

Creative Ideas For Homecoming Posters
Dating back to the 19th century, homecoming is an age-old tradition in the United States that welcomes back alumni of a high school, college, or university. This occasion comprises various events and fun activities. To spread the word, homecoming posters should be designed as creatively as possible, ensuring a balance between facts, typography, color, images, and other elements.
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
Difference between homecoming and prom
Remember that homecoming is not the same as prom. While proms are normally held in spring, homecoming is celebrated in fall.
Homecoming Dance
Bright poster for homecoming dance
The homecoming dance can be a formal/informal event, and it usually signifies the culmination of the homecoming week. Accordingly, the poster must capture the spirit of the occasion.
Shining poster for the homecoming dance
The homecoming dance is also sometimes nicknamed as the 'fall prom'. Students are dressed in their smartest and colorful best, and the venue is either the school auditorium or some place grander. If your school/college alumni are members of a famous dance group, make sure to mention their names on the posters as well.
Homecoming Court
Simple poster for homecoming queen
HC is also an occasion to crown the Homecoming King and Queen, depending on the votes that the particular student receives. A simple design like the one above, with a crown to depict the occasion, can work wonders.
Personalized poster for the homecoming queen
If there is huge anticipation for a particular student, you can opt for personalized posters. The one above has grandeur associated with it. Also, a photo of the contestant on the poster adds to the charm.
Homecoming Game
Welcoming he alumni for a game
Sports contests for the alumni as well as current students is a rather common activity held at homecoming celebrations. Sports that were a rage in college previously, or those sports that have won accolades and prizes, are played yet again. Don't forget to mention the name of the college team.
Organizing several sports for the homecoming game
Another sports-related theme for the poster is to mention the various sports that will be organized. Invite the alumni team for all the games and have a blast!
Homecoming Parade
Parade silhouettes
You could actually display silhouettes of an actual parade, it makes for a regular, but sure-to-be-hit theme. Use mild, pastel shades.
Pep rally depiction
A rally across town can be depicted with the help of a poster design like the one above. Use bright shades and create a funky look.
Homecoming Spirit Week
Colorful spirit week
The spirit week is full of fun, color, and excitement, and your poster should reflect the same. Design a poster with a combination of all the bright colors. The one above depicts various colors for each day of the week with a background of celebration and fireworks. It looks just perfect.
Symbolic spirit week
Mention the theme for each day of the week with appropriate images, like the poster above, where a pair of pajamas make a style statement for 'Pajama Day', a red accessory for 'Red Day', and so on.
Homecoming Tailgate
Simple tailgate poster
In most schools, a tailgate party is generally held after the game and involves a lot of fun events and activities. Make sure your poster has references to the sports being held, be it a baseball or a football field, and so on.
Bright tailgate poster
The above design combines shades of green and brown and looks visually appealing, one that would instantly attract attention. The title is embedded as a part of the football, instead of using a regular banner design.
Homecoming Alumni Band
Variety of instruments for the poster
Use a neutral color for a sleek look overall, and depict a set of musical instruments in the background. Mention the name of the college band.
A single instrument for the poster
This design is one of the simpler, yet creative ones. Blending effectively with one another, the colors, teal and ocher, make for a profound statement. Adding to the charm is the guitar at the edge of the poster.