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Fancy Dress Party

Delightfully Enchanting Fancy Dress Party Ideas

How about planning a fancy dress party for the next celebration? It's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. And if you don't really know how to go about planning that one then read the following article for more details.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Fancy dress party. Now what crosses your mind when you think of that? Fun and jubilation, correct? Not a high-end tea party that has classical music playing on the side. The inclusion of the word party has within itself the feeling that it's meant to be arranged for a good time. But when you talk about a fancy dress party, it leaves no doubt in mind that, it is exactly what it means to do. The next time you're having a sort of theme party or a birthday party, why don't you consider having a fancy dress theme and double the fun? And if it's the planning that is becoming a hassle and you don't really know how to go about it or plan it through, then the following article will definitely help. Continue reading for some interesting ideas and how to get them to work for you.
Party Ideas
If it's a fancy dress birthday party that you're planning or arranging then let's just say that it's a great choice. There aren't many who look into the feasibility of making this one work and that's why the novelty of this one hasn't yet died out.
Planning the party is not that tough. Skim through some of these options and do not forget to include them in your party. Of course, you can use a whole lot of other ideas apart from these. Whatever suits you, sticks. Here are some pointers to keep in mind.
  • Invitations ~ Make sure you have very catchy, very colorful party invitations. This will set the mood for the party. Using popular characters as a card cover is one of the most popular ideas for a fancy dress invite. You can even use catchy headings announcing the party. You can make the card as creative as you want by using a simple dress on the cover and the announcement in the inside pages. Or you can use a collage of the popular costumes that are used especially in fancy dress parties.
  • Decorations ~ Keeping the decorations simple is not going to be a very bad idea because the focus should be on the costumes primarily. So, the normal balloons and festoons is quite alright.
  • Food ~ There are no special choices for party food, especially those that are reserved for a fancy dress theme. Just make sure that the food is not a distraction for the guests from the main party. Keep it simple.
  • Camera ~ Do not forget to arrange for cameras! Capturing all your guests in ridiculous/funny/wacky/OTT (Over the Top) costumes is not something you'd want to miss.
What are the kind of events that you can hold at the party? Generally those that highlight the costume. Here are some ideas for the events that you can include.
  • Ramp Walk ~ What better way to showcase the costumes than a ramp walk! Make a makeshift raised platform and ask the guests to take a walk. That way everyone gets to see everyone and hoot for them.
  • Costume Prize ~ Hold a competition for different categories like 'The wackiest costume', 'The best copied costume', 'Best dressed couple' and so on. And then distribute prizes for the same.
  • Skit/Monologue ~ All the guests have to perform a small dialog or skit portraying their character. The person with the best rendition of the original, wins.
There are several choices to make in fancy dress costumes. These are merely some of the fancy dress costume ideas that you can look into. You can dress up in any way you like―simply think of a character and go about making it happen.
And that's all there is to a fancy dress party. Throw a great one, stand at the door and holler as each guest makes an entry in. I can see it now, a great party planned and ready for you to enjoy.