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Exciting Fiesta Party Ideas to Make Your Guests Go Insanely Crazy

Fiesta Party Ideas
Fiesta party means marvelous traditional music, elegant dances, funny games, delicious food and a whole lot of fun. Even a shy person will shed inhibitions, and just open up in this rejoicing environment. Here are some fiesta party ideas, which will enlighten your celebrations.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Fiesta party is all about fun, dance, laughter, games, and tasty food. These long parties, most often organized outdoors, are characterized by several fun and frolic activities. They suit all age groups, ranging from toddlers to adults.
Spanish Fiesta Party
The word fiesta in Spanish means 'party', so you can make Spanish culture itself the theme for your fiesta party. In this way, you can make the party a bit informative by taking this opportunity to make your guests aware of the marvelous culture of Spain. When we talk about Spanish culture, one thing we cannot afford to ignore is pinata―a container filled with toys and candy. Your party will be incomplete without it. If the party is being organized outdoors, you can also let your guests try their hand at various Spanish dishes.
Mexican Fiesta Party
In this case, you can make the Mexican culture the theme for the fiesta party. In Mexican fiesta, you can provide your guests with a sombrero, a straw hat with a tall crown and broad brim, and maracas, percussion instrument often played in pairs. This will give your party the traditional Mexican touch. Including lime margueritas, nachos, peppers stuffed with dipping sauce in your menu list will give a Mexican touch to the cuisine as well. A Mexican theme party cannot be successful without music, so don't forget to play macarena, or any of those peppy Mexican numbers to get everybody on the dance floor with those maracas.
Decoration Ideas
Fiesta party decorations ought to be colorful, bright, cheerful and more importantly represent the theme you have selected. Ideally, you can use red, white and green - the colors of Mexican flag, to decorate the party venue. Don't forget to add red, white and green balloons to your fiesta party decorations. If possible, place a large Mexican flag at a focal point in the room and use several other smaller flags to decorate the walls and tables. You can also use posters from Mexico to decorate the walls of the party venue. You can also take a couple of bright colors and sew them in form of colorful stripes to add to the fun environment. Place inflatable cactus near the doorway to welcome the guests. You can also place real cactus to get the feel of the Mexican landscape. The feel can also be achieved by decorating the room with bunches of red tissue flowers.
Pass the Sombrero - You make all the people sit in a circle and pass the sombrero while the music is being played in the background. Every individual should put the sombrero on the head of the person sitting next to him. The person who is wearing the sombrero when the music stops automatically gets out.
Limbo Limbo - In this game, you place a stick horizontally on two poles and ask people to pass beneath them, bending their body backwards, without knocking off the stick. As people clear the obstacle, you can decrease the height and the person who is able to survive all the way without knocking off the stick wins.
Jumping Beans - A type of caterpillar pupa present inside the Mexican jumping beans starts to twitch, when it gets warm. This makes it feel like the beans are jumping. In this game, you play the music, tell all the kids to gather in a group and jump with the music in the background. When the music stops, the kids should stop jumping. The kids who jump after the music stops are out of the game.
No fiesta party is complete without music and dance. Inclusion of traditional Mexican dances such as the macarena and the Mexican hat dance can make your party even more exciting. And what better way to end the party then some yummy fiesta dessert, like margarita or cactus-shaped cake.
A fiesta party can be held at any time of the year, with any theme, including party themes such as birthdays and anniversaries. So armed with these wonderful ideas, you can go ahead and organize a party in your backyard. Your party will no doubt be full of fun, if you implement these fiesta party ideas in your celebrations.
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