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Soul-grippingly Beautiful Greek Party Decorations You Need to Try

Greek Party Decorations
Finding a unique and entertaining theme for a party can be a pain for the host. However, if you are in the mood for an exotic party, that brings to mind the romance and beauty of the Mediterranean region, then a Greek party theme can be the perfect option for you. Greece with its stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, interesting culture and friendly people has attracted tourists for ages.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
What better way to recreate the feel of the gorgeous European country, than to have a Greek party theme for your next celebration. So, whether it is a birthday, reunion, anniversary, wedding or even a simple dinner get-together, this theme can be modified to suit your event to the 'T'.

However a unique Greek dinner party requires a lot of planning which involves choosing the invitations, the costumes, and the Greek party food, of course not to forget the amazing Greek party favors. However the most important aspect of planning such a party are the Greek party decorations. This is because of the challenge involved in recreating the look of the authentic Greek hotspots. Here are some Greek party decoration ideas that I am sure you would absolutely love and which would be in sync with the Greek party ideas.
Decoration Ideas for a Greek Party
Ancient greek parchment scroll
Your invites should spell the greek-y theme through and through. Prepare invites with columns and ivy climbers. This idea would fit the bill and set the tone for the party right away. Another invite idea is to make scrolls for the occasion.
Chalk out the party details on a golden hued scroll sheet, tie it with a blue ribbon. Strip the ribbon and with the help of a pair of scissors, scrape through the surface of the ribbon strips. You would notice that the strips would swirl up. This is indeed an enticing idea to invite your guests. You also give them an idea as to what they could anticipate at the party and what the party decoration would be like!
Columns in different styles
To add classical Greek touch to your party so that the ambiance is reminiscent of classical Greek architecture, use various types of Grecian columns, terra-cotta urns, and classical statue busts made of paper mache. In addition you can find a number of pedestals and Greek balustrades at various party stores and even online that you can use in your decorating.
Still life with golden colour.
Decorate the party venue in colors of gold and white or use the blue and white colors of the Greek flag. You can also use features like grapevines, oil-burning lamps and ivy vine garlands for that ancient Greek feel. To add a golden touch to your home, spray gold paint to cover all the decorations. Along with it, you can drape and sway white or gold gossamer across ceilings, walls, and the edges of table skirting, for that dramatic effect.
Candles provide a beautiful and exotic ambiance to the setting. You can use floating candles with vintage candle holders, done up in gold. Use mirrors at the base of the candle holder and enjoy the romantic effect this setting provides.
Color balloons
Agreed there were no balloons in ancient Greece. However, when white and golden balloons are used to decorate the space, they can transform a room of any size into a cozy space, in minutes, at a very low-cost.
Antique Tea or Coffee sets
For the table decorations use golden-colored plastic dinner plates, and napkins, glass, spoons to match. For the table-cloth, you can use a simple white cloth and drape ivy gold garland along the edges or use a golden table skirt. If you are using plastic tablecloth then find one with large golden swirls, a Grecian block pattern or Roman numerals on it. For the table centerpiece, you can place laurel wreaths and gold candles or use a golden votive candle holders with tealights.
You can use a gold paint pen to draw random Roman numerals or the Grecian block pattern, on the handles of white plastic cutlery.
Most of the Greek party supplies are available at party stores, as well as online. If you find these decorations too expensive then with a little creativity and imagination you can make them yourself. After all, the most important part is to have fun!
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