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Simple Etiquette Guidelines to Write Formal Invitation Wording

Formal Invitation Wording
With the use of proper wording and technique, you can easily write formal invitations yourself. Here are some invitation examples for various occasions.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
There are certain etiquette guidelines that need to be followed when writing a formal invitation. If you are arranging a small formal party, writing the invitations yourself will be more economical than having them printed. Writing invitations in the formal style is not as difficult as it appears. There are a few rules that should be followed for the same. Here are some of the basics to follow.

  • A formal invitation is always written in the third person.
  • You should make sure that the invitation is uniformly written in a formal style, including the address and date.
  • The purpose of the invitation should be mentioned clearly.
  • British and American spellings (honour/honor, favour/ favour) should be used appropriately. Both are correct forms and can be used.
  •  RSVP is usually attached to a formal invitation.
Wedding Invitation Wording
(Bride's parents)

invite you to celebrate with them
the marriage of their daughter

(name of bride)
(name of groom)

on (date)
at (place)
Wedding Invitation
The pleasure of your company is requested as

(name of bride)
(name of groom)

exchange marriage vows

on (date)
at (place)
Bridal Shower Invitation Wording
(the hosts)

request the pleasure of your presence
for a bridal shower honoring

(name of would-be-bride)

on (date)
at (place)
(the hosts)

cordially invite you to the bridal shower honoring

(name of bride-to-be)

on (date)
at (place)
Baby Shower Invitation Wording
are invited to rejoice with
as they welcome

(baby's name)
to the family


Let us get together
to celebrate the arrival of

(baby's name)

Birthday Invitation Wording
Please join us in celebrating

(person's name)

(add number if you wish) birthday

Hosted by (hosts)

on (date)
at (place)
(recipient's name)

are invited to join

to celebrate
their son/daughter (name)'s birthday

on (date)
at (place)
Formal Business Invitation Wording

We esteem your presence
for discussion,

followed by dinner

at (place)
on (date)

We proudly announce our success

Please join us for a celebration over dinner

at (place)
on (date)
RSVP Format
A reply is requested on/before (date)


Will be attending________ Will not be attending_______

Number of Adults_______

Number of Children_____
Tips for Writing a Formal Invitation
• The sender's and the recipient's name should be mentioned in the formal way. For e.g., 'Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawson'.
• If children are invited, make sure to mention their names in the invitation.
• Use appropriate official titles where applicable.
Date and Address
• The date has to be mentioned in words and not in numbers, for instance, 'Sunday, the fifth of August'.
• Even the year, if mentioned, has to be written in words, like 'two thousand and nine'.
• Use of abbreviations and short forms is discouraged while writing the date, street name, etc.
• It is advisable to mention only one contact number to avoid confusion.
• Mentioning the nature of the event is necessary.
• You should also abstain from using flowery language in a formal invitation.
• In case of wedding invitations, bridal showers, baby shower invitations, and birthday invitations, you will have to mention specifically if it is a theme-based party.
• There should be an RSVP of a standard format attached to the invitation.
• If children are not invited, mention it formally by saying that it will be an 'adults-only reception'.
• You can also include menu (entrée or main course) preference on the RSVP.
Attractive font styles and calligraphy can be used for writing invitations. Lastly, make sure that you proofread the content (specially the day and date) thoroughly. If you follow these specific formal invitation wording etiquette, you cannot go wrong. Note that the key aspect of an invitation's wording is to be very precise and clear. Good luck!
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