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Party Invitation Etiquette to Follow and Have a Stress-free Bash!

Party Invitation Etiquette
There is a proper etiquette for writing a party invitation. Follow this guide of invitation etiquette and rules to avoid miscommunication.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
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An invitation helps set the tone of a party to celebrate any special event. It will most prominently speak about the style of the party, whether it is a formal, casual, or an informal party. In order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding about the party, you must take a few things into consideration.
Etiquette for Party Invitation
  • Planning a formal party should be done well in advance as the invitations need to be sent out at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This will be beneficial in case of wedding invitations, if guests are required to travel a long distance.
  • One has to be very clear and consistent in the usage of American or British English, and also in the usage of formal or casual language. Do not switch over from one to the other. Strictly avoid making errors in spellings and grammar.
  • Before writing invitations, make a list of the expected guests with their addresses. Mark them once you prepare their invite so that you do not end up doubling an invitation.
  • The purpose of the party, the date, place, and time is the most important information to be included in a party invitation. It has to be mentioned clearly.
  • The location of the party should be mentioned clearly, with the name of the city and state for out-of-state guests. Abbreviations and short forms should be strictly avoided.
  • The names of the hosts and guests should also be mentioned clearly. One needs to be particularly cautious while using doctor, Reverend, and military titles. Use punctuation marks wherever necessary.
  • It is essential to mention the party theme or dress code at the end of the invitation, if applicable. In case of a casual party, you can even mention whether the meal would comprise only appetizers or if it would be a full course meal.
  • Do not forget to attach an R.S.V.P along with the invitation. When you send the invitations beforehand, you will receive an early R.S.V.P, which will be helpful in further planning.

The outer envelope should be handwritten, even though the invitation is a printed one. You must follow the formal style of writing a name on the envelope. Take a look at the following examples.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson (in case children are not invited) (avoid using direct words like 'children are not invited')
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson
Jack and Marc (in case children are invited)
Mr. Johns and Guest (to invite a single person with a guest)
Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Mr. Marc Jones (two separate invitations if the offspring is above 18 years of age)
Once you have written the invitations, double-check the names, addresses, and dates before sending them out. Proofreading the content to rectify mistakes is essential. One must also not forget to affix postage stamps on the R.S.V.P. Remember to add a return address with a single contact number on the envelope.
Follow these simple invitation etiquette and have fun at the party, without getting embarrassed or bothered by any misunderstanding.