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A Treasure Trove of Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas You Can Opt For

Funny Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Are you looking for funny scavenger hunt ideas? In this article, we give you some of the funniest ideas that you can opt for to set tasks for scavenger hunts.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
A scavenger hunt can be a fun game to play and is a brilliant ice-breaker at a party. Earlier, most scavenger hunts were limited to collecting items placed all over the house or a park. Today with organizations opting for day-long scavenger hunts to instill team building, the rules of the game have changed a bit. With cameras and video recorders used to shoot the happening, you can divide a group into teams and get them to perform tasks as well. These situations demand ideas that can make the game amusing. In this article, we give you some ideas for scavenger hunts that will make the entire process more fun than it already is.
Funny Ideas for Scavenger Hunts
As explained before, traditionally scavenger hunts involved collecting a list of things as specified by the organizer of the scavenger hunt. Today though, funny tasks are an integral part of scavenger hunts where you will be expected to complete all the tasks given, collect all the items mentioned, and record everything on tape, either as videos or as photographs. Given below is a list of ideas for a scavenger hunt.
  • One of the ideas could be to play a game of Marco Polo in a retail outlet.
  • A slightly irritating to the senses, but you could ask all the team members to down a shot of vinegar.
  • A fun task for teenagers could be to get them to place an order at a drive in while singing it out.
  • Or have them enter a retail store and convince someone there to do a cartwheel.
  • A simple task that you could keep for the team could be to get them to convince a stranger to click a photograph with them without revealing why. This could be an amusing scavenger hunt idea for kids.
  • Another idea is to get the entire team to act as mannequins in a store window display.
  • Get one of the guys in your team to wax the hair on his leg.
  • Have a meal at a fancy restaurant while wearing your clothes inside out. The fun part will be trying to get admission into the restaurant.
  • Hunt for the copy of the front page of the newspaper without buying a copy of the same.
  • Obtain a fortune cookie without buying it. If you get one with a note that has the word soulmate on it, you get an extra point.
  • Get a restaurant to serve you when you are not wearing either your shirt, your shoes, or both.
  • Pretend to be the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin, dress up like him, and fly a kite.
  • Have a conversation with a cow and get it to autograph your shirt.
  • Just pick up a stranger's meal and take a bit out of it.
  • An illegal but funny idea for adults can be to get the team to steal a road sign (return it once the hunt is over).
  • Convince the telephone operator that it is of immense importance for world affairs that your call be put through to Adolf Hitler.
  • Get all the team members to drink 10 ml of chili sauce followed by a shot of tomato ketchup.
  • Walk up to a complete stranger, pretend to recognize him or her as a famous celebrity from a TV show and convince them to give you their autograph.
  • Get one member to pose as a Zumba instructor and get strangers in the park to sign up for a free session in Zumba.
  • Divide the team into two teams and have a gang battle outside a reputed hotel.
These are just some of the ideas that you can use. You will need to depute one person from your team to record all the happenings. There are many other such ideas that you can use like crowding the entire team into a telephone booth and clicking a photo or getting a couple you don't know to tell you the story of how they met. Come up with as many creative ideas as you can and have a lot of fun at your scavenger hunt.