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How to Play Minute to Win it at a Party

How to Play Minute to Win it at a Party

Minute to win it challenges may seem easy to do on television. However, in reality they are much more difficult, but copious amounts of fun too. Here's a list of a few games to play minute to win it at a party.
Mukta Gaikwad
It only took a minute for the producers of Minute to Win it game show to take the world by the storm. This game show has become a part of parties at home, offices, and every other celebration. Easy apparatus and less time taken to finish the challenges, are the unique selling points of this game. The best part of this game is that it doesn't demand a dedicated space and neither does it require any special materials. These games can be played by a 10 year old child to an adult of any age.

Easy Minute to Win it Games

Snowball Fight
For playing this game you just need to get white spheres or create a ball with Styrofoam. The contestants have to bounce ping pong balls from a distance of six feet to knock off opponents snowballs.

Wreath Relay
To play this game you will have to get a wreath or you can make one at home too. This is a two player game, so the contestants will have to look for buddies. The contestant who starts the game, transfers the wreath to the other player by moving forward till they reach a hook that has to be garlanded.

Holiday Kiss
To play holiday kiss, all you need are items with looped strings and a hook. The contestants have to hook these items by lips only.

Face the Gingerbread Man
Adapted from Face the Cookie, this minute to win it game is super fun to play. Place a gingerbread man on the contestant's forehead and tie his hands at the back. Now he must get the piece of bread in his mouth by only using his facial muscles.

Christmas Jingle
Increasing the level of difficulty will make the party cheer and roar for the winner. Challenge the musical talents of your guests with this game. Fill up 11 glasses with various amounts of water. Now the challenge is that the contestant must arrange these glasses in a manner that they create a tune of Jingle Bells when tapped with a spoon.

Wet Ball
This level one game, requires a spray bottle of water, balloon, and a trash can. The contestant has to put the balloon in the trash can by using the spray bottle of water to push it ahead. If the balloon touches the ground, the contestant loses the game.

This challenge is all about making the liquid burst open. Make the contestants stand on an elevation from where they will have to drop Mentos in soda bottles kept nine feet below. Place the bottles in a bowl so that the liquid does not spill out.

The game shows gives out $1,000,000 as prize money. So to make your party interesting, you can have prizes for the winners and funniest punishment for the losers to make this game even more enjoyable. Game on!