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Games to Play at Candle Parties

Don't want to hold a very formal candle party? How about you introduce some games in then? And that is what the following article will provide for you - the best games to play at a candle party. So, make note and turn the evening into more fun.
PartyJoys Staff
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A candle party has got to be one of the simplest and yet a concept that works on the ideas of utter genius. To put it simply, a candle party is an event that is organized by a company that makes candles in order to introduce the new products to a selected range of customers and clients and promote sales in that way. This is a strategy that is being used by several organizations, because of the advertising and marketing it offers them and the direct increase in sales as a result.
These parties typically have on display a range of the newest products on the market whereby the clients invited for the event can not only acquaint themselves with the products on display, but also place orders. But, it's not a dry end party that involves only business, it is instead one that has a mix of entertainment and games. As a rule, these will include arrangements for refreshments as well as several games.
If the idea has appealed to you and you want to throw a candle party bash as well, then I suggest you go all out and include games in that party. And to help you in that direction, here are a few games that you can play at the candle parties.
Candle Party Game Ideas
The following are a great mix of some of the best games that you can play at these parties. These include a mixture of ice breaker and regular games that will not merely entertain the guests but will also help promote sales. To achieve the goal that you started out with (that of introducing your products and thereby promoting sales) make sure that most of your games center around candles and the theme of candles. Here are some games to choose from.
Ice Breaker Game
You'll have guests over, but they might not be familiar with each other, so using some ice breaker games is a great way to get the fun rolling. These games can either be related to a candle theme or something completely new. The best candle theme is to pass around a candle and get each guest to introduce themselves and talk about a candle fact about themselves, like a funny/embarrassing incident that involved candles.
What's in a Scent
Take a paper bag and place a tissue wrapped candle into this. Hand the guests a paper that has been marked from 1-9 and a pencil to mark their answers. Pass the bag around and ask them to identify the smell. Then make a note on the paper that has been given to them. Similarly, pass 9 different scents. To make it more difficult, pass around candles that have a combination of two smells. Have a special gift for the people who are able to give the correct answers. This is one of the best strategies to directly promote the candles.
Light my Fire
This is a really fun game that invokes a lot of excitement. Make sure that you take the necessary precautions before playing this game. Arrange for 10-15 candles in one line and place a match box with it. The objective of the game is for the player to light as many candles as possible with one matchstick in a stipulated count of time (30 seconds is quite challenging). If the matchstick blows off, the person has to stop. At the end of the game, whoever has managed to light the maximum candles, wins.
What's in the Bag
Prepare a random list of items that can be easily found on people. If you want, you can make this an only-ladies game. These things could include items like note pad, chewing gum, pens etc. Give points to each item based on how unusual they are. The grand prize goes to the person who has a candle in the purse. Tough, but maybe possible? Or you could decide on an item that qualifies for a grand prize. The person who has the most points, wins.
Guess the Candles
This is a take on the popular 'guess the beans' game. Keeping the candle theme in mind and molding the game accordingly, fill a jar with thin candles. Then as the guests enter the party, get them to guess the number and make a note of this on a piece of paper with their names and put it in a jar. At the end of the party, the person who guesses the right number wins the grand prize.
And there you go, I promised some of the best games to play at candle parties, and is that not what I delivered? Now all you do is think of the display and the refreshments, 'coz the entertainment has been done, done, done.