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Margarita Party Ideas

Browse through the margarita party ideas given in the article below to understand how you can make your party a grand hit! They're simple ideas, and yet surprisingly don't cost the earth!
PartyJoys Staff
Margarita parties are all about loudness! Loud colors, loud people, loud dresses and most important of all, loud people! So, this summer, if you've decided to throw your friends a margarita bash, then you'll definitely need some tips on the décor, food, entertainment and other such things that go into planning a party, right? This PartyJoys article is just the place for all that! Check out the ideas below and use what you like to make your siesta a little bit more interesting!
Ideas for an Indoor Party
  • First off, let's begin with the décor. A margarita screams Mexico. And Mexico screams the color red! So make sure that your entire party area is covered in red colored decorations.
  • These decorations can include sombrero string lights, or big sombreros hanging at different points in the room. You can also have plastic glasses stringed together and hung as streamers all across the room! Another thing you can do is to decorate with little Mexican flag streamers all around!
  • The bar is the center of attraction at a margarita party, so make sure that it is not only well lit, but also manned at all times. You can have the bar decorated in keeping with the other décor and have a huge blackboard, right behind the bartender that says "Only Margaritas Served Here!"
  • As a table centerpiece, if you have a table of margaritas being replenished by caterers, you can make a wide, cylindrical paper lamp into one by piercing it with margarita umbrellas. Make sure that there are no blank spots, and the light will emanate beautifully from within.
  • Food is generally not the highlight of a margarita party, but if you want, you can stick to some good old Mexican finger foods like tortillas, nachos, tacos, etc. or even go for enchiladas and some spicy Mexican rice if you think your guests can handle it.
  • You can celebrate pure citrus sin by having lime flavored cupcakes filled with margaritas using this traditional margarita recipe. Stick a tiny umbrella in it and set a dessert table. Your guests will love it!
  • For party favors, you can hand out margarita glasses to everyone. Or you can give each male guest a sombrero and every female guest a bright red scarf with some shiny lace on its borders!
Ideas for an Outdoor Party
  • Décor for an outdoor margarita party is less of a headache because you'll have so many distractions in the form of glorious sunlight and the glasses twinkling in the sunlight. Nonetheless, you can fix a theme revolving around shades of green and yellow, to showcase the brilliant brightness of the sun and the lovely flowers and fruits that flourish in summer.
  • You can make pretty table decorations using fresh flowers and fresh fruits as well. Take clear glasses and fill them with water. Now, all you have to do is, place a bright yellow lemon in it, along with a couple of bright green chillies. They make for a divine table decoration item.
  • Fruits, well, you don't really have to do anything much with them, do you? Just keep a huge basket of some luscious looking, exotic fruits in the center of the table and not only is the table decoration taken care of, but for dessert, your guests can just pick out a fruit of their choice and enjoy it!
  • The bar can be decorated with strings of lemons and limes, yellow flowers and green leaves, and other such embellishments that have a green and yellow essence.
  • Food, again, is not a major issue. Just make sure that whatever you serve is cool because an outdoor party can get pretty hot in the sun! Fruit and vegetable salads are your safest options, but you can go in for barbecued foods too!
  • You can welcome your guests with a welcome shot right at the door so they know you mean business!
  • Party favors can be small flower bunches to women and for the men, how about some wacky flower garlands!
If you've been taking down all these ideas, I hope you're halfway out the door to get whatever you require to incorporate these ideas into your margarita party soon! Have a great party!
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