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Epic Girls' Slumber Party Games That You'll Really Want to Try

Girls' Slumber Party Games
Thinking of inviting your friends for a sleepover this weekend? Then go through these slumber party games for some fun time with friends.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Slumber parties are about getting together with close friends for a fun-filled night. They are about pillow fights, building pillow forts, watching movies, munching popcorn, sipping hot chocolate and having fun. A spa night, makeovers, fun games and gab is what girls prefer for sleepovers. So plan something like that and enjoy! Here we give you some slumber party games to make your sleepover an exciting experience for you and your guests. Take a look.
Pass it On
Slumber party game pass it on
This game is a slight variation of pass-the-parcel. Difference - you would be playing it in the dark! Have your guests sit in a circle with music playing in the background. Ask the participants to pass a pillow along the circle, till the music stops. Whose hands was the pillow in, when the music stopped? Announce a punishment for her, something funny or scary. Playing this game in the dark, makes it more exciting. Let the music begin and pass the fun on!
Mimic in Sleep
Well, this game needs acting skills. Write names of cartoons, story characters or famous actors on small pieces of paper. Now pick one piece and announce the name of the person or character written on it. Ask your friends to pretend to be sleeping before you announce the name. Each participant has to mimic the character you have announced, with her eyes closed. (Remember, they are sleeping or at least pretending to be asleep.) You can also ask one of the girls to judge the participants' performances and choose the best actor as 'mimic of the night'!
Need Light?
This game is played in the dark. You need to plan some challenging activities, which are difficult to carry out in the dark. Organize activities like pouring lemonade from one bottle to another without spilling, or cutting a loaf of bread into equal slices, or guessing the flavor of candy by smelling it. Such activities can make your room messy. So, be prepared to clean it up before your mom finds out! Form teams of 3 or 4, depending on the number of participants and ask each team to carry out these activities in a stipulated time. Remember, every activity has to be carried out in darkness. Make a rule to allow each team to use light only once. Or score each activity out of, say 100, where the team that uses light for any particular activity loses 50 points.
Who's Who
Slumber party game Who's who
Switch the lights off and give one participant, the role of guessing who's who! Ask the guesser to leave the room for a while, till the rest of you decide your roles. Decide what each of you is going to say. Ask the guesser to come in. Start saying what you had planned to. Play roles of animals (make animal sounds), play roles of people you know (act like them), be creative in choosing the roles and make the guessing difficult. The guesser needs to make out, who is saying what.
Talent Hunt
Beauty contest for slumber party
Right from a best singer contest to a small beauty pageant, you can have almost any kind of talent hunt on your slumber party. Girls will surely enjoy. Have each one sing a song and let the judge announce the best singer, have everyone dance and a judge declare the best performer. To make it easier and add variety, you can give each participant a chance to exhibit her talent; it could be music, acting, stand-up comedy or anything else.
Other Games
Depending on the number of participants, you can include some of these fun activities for your sleepover.
  • Play video games, playing cards or board games.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt in the dark or play hide and seek.
  • Have a face painting contest using glow-in-the-dark colors or a fancy dress competition with scary costumes and makeup.
  • Truth or Dare, Chinese Whispers, Ghost in the Graveyard and Two Truths and a Lie are some other interesting sleepover games.
  • Watching scary movies or videos can be exciting slumber party activities for some of you.
  • Or you may enjoy watching personal videos with close friends, cherishing some beautiful moments spent together.
Add a fun element to your slumber party with some sleepover pranks - something like funny makeup on a sleeping friend's face, a screechy alarm at midnight or playing ghost to scare your friends. Have fun.
These were some of the interesting things to do at a slumber party. Come up with more of such exciting sleepover activities and get ready for a gala time. Start planning your slumber party, now.
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Two girls playing ball
Three teenage girls at a slumber party