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Here's How to Throw a Going Away Party and Create Great Memories

How to Throw a Going Away Party
Going away parties are some of the most emotional parties you can throw and attend. To know everything about throwing one, read on ...
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Your closest friend is leaving the city. Your colleague got a new job. Your classmates have graduated and are moving to different places to pursue new careers. All these instances deserve a going away party. You have to ensure that your party gives them unforgettable memories. Sometimes, people also throw a going away party when they're moving out. They invite friends and acquaintances and catch up with everyone for one last time.
Planning and executing farewell parties is a task that requires you to brainstorm. It's not necessary that you party on a large-scale; a small, elegant party can also do the job. In essence, the objective of a farewell party is to express your heartfelt blessings and love for the person you're bidding farewell to. Here's how you can start.
Choose an Appropriate Theme
Consider the likes and dislikes of the person. What are the things he is crazy about? What does he love the most? Build the party theme based on things that complement his personality. This gesture will be appreciated by him for sure. If he's all for beaches, why not throw a party at the beach? A fan of sci-fi movies? There! You have another idea for a theme. Basically, choosing a theme gives you a platform on which you can build the entire party.
Keep the Spark Alive
A going away party needs to be a balance between celebrations, and sharing thoughts and wishes. You should ensure the party is not monotonous and so you've got to include games and music. Make sure everyone engages in games.
Focus on Guest of Honor
Since the guest of honor is going to leave for a new town or a place, you've got to make him/her feel special. As a token of love and appreciation, you can gift the guest of honor a nice going away gift. The gift should be something unique and different. For instance, you can secretly collect pictures of the guest of honor through his/her friends or family members and then make a scrapbook with farewell messages written by closed ones.
As soon as you have finalized the theme, make invitations and send them out. This should be done at least a month in advance, after finalizing the date with the guest of honor.