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Party Invitation Wording

Falling Short of Perfect Party Invitation Wordings? Here You Go

You might not believe this but the way you draft your party invitation goes a long way in determining the eventual turnout. An appropriately worded invitation is the key to having your guests want to come to your party. The rest is something that anyone can plan out. Check out some guidelines and examples here to get an idea of what yours can be like.
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You may slog all day/week long to plan and arrange an awesome party for your family, friends and colleagues. You'll put your heart and soul to make sure that everything is perfectly ready for the party in time. But you'll be taking a big risk if you send your guests an extremely plain invitation. Many of them will think twice about attending (or not attending) your party based on the invitation. So it's quite evident that your it should be, well, inviting. Given below are some guidelines on wording the perfect party invites followed by some samples that you can refer to for the next big party you throw!

How to Draft the Perfect Invite
  • You need to word your invitation according to the mood that you hope your party to set. If it's a formal party, then your invitation should have a tone of formality. If it's a 'just foo fun' thing, then that should reflect in the wording.
  • The words and culminating sentences that you use should be fairly neutral and make sure that there's nothing in the invite that could offend anyone.
  • Inducing a bit of humor in an invite is one of the best tips that anyone can use. Making the invite sound light-hearted will make the people look forward to the fun that you have to offer.
  • The length of the invitation is another factor that you should keep in mind. Don't go on and on for a page and a half. A few sentences (read maximum 5) will suffice.
Birthday Party

We cannot believe a whole year has gone by!

It feels like it was just yesterday that we welcomed our sweet little angel, Rebecca into this world. Now she's a whole year old and we have nothing but joy in our hearts.

We want to share this joy with all our loved ones. So please, do join us, as we celebrate Baby Rebecca's first birthday on 08/15/2010 at our humble home. Please bring your family along and we shall all have a wonderful time together.

Hoping to see you,
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

XYZ Lane,
Zip Code.

Half a century! OMG!
That's as old as old can be!
So if you want to come and see,
My place is where the party'll be!

Yeah! My old man, Ben Rogers (Benny to you'll) turns the big 'five-oh' on the 20th of August 2010! I'm planning a fun birthday party for him and I'm sure you'll love to come and yank his chain too! So come over on the 20th at 8 pm then. We'll have loadsa fun!

Call me on: 5697896548 and let me know if you're game!
Mike (Mikey) Rogers

Cocktail Party

Dear Ms. Shell,

My husband and I just moved into the neighborhood a few days ago. We live in 31/S, right on your lane. We've decided to throw a small cocktail party this Saturday, to get to know you'll, our wonderful new neighbors a little better. Nothing fancy, just a few people, a few drinks and a lot of interesting conversation.

Do come over for the party. I'm sure we'll all be great friends!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Donna Kruger.

Engagement Party

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ~ Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss definitely knew exactly what he was talking about when he wrote that! I found my someone weird 3 years ago and I finally puckered up the courage to ask her to marry me. Weird that she is, she said yes (thank you weird God).

We'd like you to join us in celebrating this weirdness at our engagement party on the 08/17/2010 from 7 pm onwards at 10/JKL, WER Street on FTG Avenue.

Carrie Smith: 1234567890
Hugh Dunham: 9876543210

Farewell Party

Dear All,

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you all to attend a farewell party in honor of Mr. David Melon (or Mr. D as he is fondly known). I'm sure all of you will agree that David has been a terrific boss and an inspiration to almost all of us when it comes to work and family life as well. So, let us all come together and wish him love and luck for his well earned retirement.

This Friday, 5 pm onwards, in the conference hall on the first floor.

Human Resources Department,
ABC & Co. Pvt. ltd.

Formal Dinner

Dear Mr. & Mrs. ABC,

It is with great pleasure that we, Mr. & Mrs. LMN, invite you to attend a dinner party at our residence on the 08/19/2010. It is a formal party and many important people from the corporate world, like yourself, will be attending. We would be delighted if you would bring your precious children along as well.

The time and address are mentioned in the enclosed leaflet.

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you,
Mr. and Mrs. LMN

So, I think after so many samples, you've got an idea of decent party invitation wordings. Go a little extra on the invites and your party will turn out to be the talk of the town. Party away!
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