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Housewarming Party Games to Fill Your Nest With Joy and Warmth

Housewarming Party Games
You've moved into a new house and it's time to celebrate! Take a look at some of these housewarming party games that can make your party perfect.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
A housewarming party need not always be a formal event. In fact, by including games as a part of the event you can actually create a fun and memorable evening for all your guests, and have them meet each other in an informal setting. To be able to incorporate these games in your housewarming party, ensure that you host it at a time convenient for everyone, and that your guests do not have any other social engagements, i.e. they don't have to rush out after making a quick appearance at your party. This is important because a good amount of time is required to enjoy all these housewarming party games. The following games can be a terrific inclusion in your housewarming party, to get all your guests to gel together; old neighbors with new neighbors and new neighbors with old friends.
Key In and Win
The game is as simple as it sounds. Divide your guests into groups depending on the number of rooms you have. Include closets in the game too. Give every group a big bunch of keys, that includes the original key to the room. The group that finds the right key and opens the door first wins. This game is a great way of showing your house to the guests.
Discover My Home
Everyone has played this game called a treasure hunt through childhood. A treasure hunt is another innovative way of showing your guests around. Create a list of unique artifacts and items you have used to decorate your house. Have your guests write down the exact location of the item. Make the game interesting by adding small knickknacks to the list, that are not easily noticeable. Also, the description of the item should not be direct. These tricks will make the game more challenging.
Home is Where the Art is
Leave an empty wall in your house and have all your guests come together to create one gigantic painting for that wall. No one has to be a Picasso to perform this task. Its uniqueness lies in the outcome of the several brains that have come together to create one huge painting. This painting can be done on a canvas, or directly on the empty wall, depending on your choice. Also, a huge consideration in this game is your own personality. An interesting twist in this game is that it will help you gauge how well your old friends know you, and what your new neighbors think of you.
A Memory for Everyone
Divide your guests into groups depending on the number of rooms you have. Guide each guest to a locked room. Open the door, and let them take in the different contents of the room for exactly one minute. Have them come back and write the number of items that they remember within a time span, say 2 minutes. The group that enlists the maximum number of items wins.
Your Dream is My Dream
Have your guests draw out visions of their dream home. A humorous challenge for the guests would be to make the drawings blindfolded. Collect the drawings once they have been completed, and try to understand what exactly the guests have tried to portray, before you ask them to explain their drawings, in case they are not self-explanatory. You can then create a collage of these drawings and put them up at a unique spot in your house, as a memory of a fun and entertaining housewarming party.
Being Lazy Pays Off
You may not have had the time to decorate a particular room or area, or have just been exhausted from moving to be able to do it. Make a game of it by having your guests do it for you. Bring out all the artifacts and knickknacks you have chosen for that room, and let your guests feel at home by giving them a chance to have a hand in designing your house. Make it interesting by including the housewarming gifts that the guests have brought a part of the decor.
For those of you looking for games to play on paper without having to move around too much, here's a simple game. Make a list of scrambled home related words such as roof, refrigerator, lawn mower, and anything that is even remotely related to a home. Give your guest a list each and the first person to unscramble the list, and get as many right, will be claimed the winner. This game is almost a no-brainer and relaxing, so you can easily enjoy it. If you are a little more ambitious, you can go ahead and create a crossword on the same theme! This is definitely something to consider. Just make sure it's not very time-consuming or the fun of the party will be lost.
These are all simple games that give your guests an opportunity to mingle with each other. This way your guests will go back with new friends and sweet memories about your new house. Don't make your games too complicated, or too personal, by announcing the best of the lot. At the same time, ensure that you give out a small token of appreciation, to everyone present at the party. Enjoy these games and make your housewarming party the talk of the town!