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The Coolest Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording Samples Ever

Bachelorette Party Invitation Wording
Sending out bachelorette party invitations, that too on time can be hectic. In order to help you with this task, we've provided some wording samples for you to choose from...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Planning a wedding brings stress and frustration for a bride-to-be. This is where her girlfriends can help the bride, when she wants to blow off some steam with the help of a bachelorette party. It also gives her the opportunity to spend some quality time with her friends and relatives (only females). If you are in-charge of hosting the party, the first thing you need to work on is the guest list. And that's when the invitations come in. The wordings need to be just right, because it tells the guests what the theme of the party will be. There are many stores that have ready-made invitations categorized by themes and colors. Check out some party invitations, that will match the kind of party you want to throw.
Sample Wordings
bachelorette party invitation
Before you go ahead with organizing the party, talk to the bride and take all her suggestions on what she is looking for in her bachelorette party. After all, it's her party and you don't want to disappoint her with some ideas that may have seemed good at the time. You will need to get every detail for the party as you want to make this night/day/event unforgettable for her. To get the guests pumped and into the spirit of the party, write a short message about the wedding, the happy couple, or the party.
Come join (bride's name)
to celebrate her last night of freedom
with drinks, dance, and lots of fun.
Before she heads to the altar,
let's show her what she's going to miss
after she's married.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)

RSVP (contact)
Life will change for (bride's name) forever
when she walks the aisle with (groom's name) in a week.
So let's give her a carefree night of fun
where she can let her hair loose and forget everything else.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)

Call or email (Your name)
to RSVP and for more info
(Contact details)
The wedding is approaching closer and closer,
and our bride, (name) is getting more nervous.
Come make her forget about all the worries
with some girls' night out fun.

(Day, Date, and Time)
(Venue with address)

(Your name)
(Contact details)
We have organized a bachelorette party
for (bride's name) in honor of her last night of freedom.
Let's give her the right kind of farewell
towards fruitful married bliss.

(Day and Date)
at the home of (Host's name)
Hosted by (Bridesmaids' names)
(Groom's name) snatched her from us,
made (bride's name) fall in love with him.
And tomorrow, they'll unite forever.
Let's give (bride's name) one last night
of adventure and show her
what she'll be missing out on.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)
Hosted by
(Your Name)
(Contact details)
Let's mingle with (bride's name)
and get crazy before
she gets to walk the road
towards the happiest day of her life.

(Day and Date)
(Venue with address)

Given by

(Your Name)
(Contact details)
Apart from the information provided to you in the samples above, you can also include information on what all can the guests except from the party. Hence, they can be fully prepared. Once you have the guest list, you will have a rough idea on what the crowd is going to be like. So, if you are planning on some adult games and fun, you can include that into your invitation for your guests. This party is the only occasion where a bride can really let loose and have some fun, because everything else that has to do with the wedding is nerve-wracking. Give your girlfriend a bachelorette party she'll never forget!
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