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Make Your Housewarming Party a Hit With These Amazing Ideas

Housewarming Party Ideas
A housewarming party is organized for introducing your new home to your close ones. You must be enthusiastic to use some innovative ways to make it an exciting affair.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
When you move into your dream house, it is a major achievement of your life. You made so much effort to own the house. Now, the time has come when you want to share this special moment with your loved ones, close friends, family members, and neighbors. You can throw the housewarming party soon after moving into the new house, or arrange it once you are finished with the unpacking and other chores associated with shifting to a new house. Most people prefer the second option as they get enough time to plan the party and host it in a more organized manner.
Housewarming party invitation
Housewarming party invitation
The invitation should be incongruous with the kind of housewarming party you have planned. Usually, people prefer to opt for traditional cards for invitations.When you are making arrangements for a cocktail party, add more colors to the invitation card to make it colorful. If the guest list is not too long, then handmade cards is not a bad idea as it gives a personalized touch to your invitations. The shape of the card could be that of a house.
Try to include a nice quote or verse, or a rhyme in the invitation wording. In the usual format of the invitation card, the wording is kept at the left. The date, time, address of the venue and your contact number should be at the right hand side. Give clear directions of the route of the venue with proper landmarks, so that the invitees can reach your house without any hassles. If the party is based on any particular theme, that should be mentioned in the invitation card as well.

Usually, people like to highlight the unique feature of their new house in this occasion. Suppose, your house has a luxurious pool, then keep it as the central theme and make it a housewarming pool party. If your new house has a beautiful landscape, then organize it in the lavish garden. If its dining room is attractive, then a dinner party is a nice way to show it off. It can also be an open-air party which is based on the backyard or deck of the house. Decorations should be minimum as the focal point of the party is the house itself. The visitors are more eager to see your house rather than fanciful decorations. Therefore, make sure your house is kept neat and tidy. Moreover, there should be adequate seating arrangements for the guests. Hang a welcome sign at the entrance. Flowers add a lot of freshness to the ambiance and can be used for simple minimalist decorations.
Housewarming party Food
Housewarming party Food
You will no doubt be occupied in welcoming the visitors and showing them the new house. So, a sit down dinner arrangement may not be a wise option.The food can be coordinated with the theme of the party as well. Finger foods are considered as the best choice for these parties. Cookies, mini pizzas, mini burgers, little sandwiches, french fries, stuffed mushrooms, and other such simple snacks will be enjoyed by the guests as they move around the entire house.
Keeping the choice of party food very simple and easy is the way to go. You can set different varieties of food in each room of the house. I am sure your guests will be pleasantly surprised to find the food arrangements in every room. Make sure that there are small plates and napkins kept near the food for their convenience. If it is an outdoor party, food items which contain mayonnaise or cream should be avoided. Here, food which do not get spoiled in warm temperatures should only be included in the menu.
Housewarming party Games
People playing cards at a party
To add some fun elements to the party, you can plan for some games. Traditionally, musical chairs is the most popular game played at housewarming parties. It acts as an ice-breaker and all the invitees get the scope to interact with each other and enjoy together.
If it is a formal party, then ask your guests to say a few lines about your new house. It may not be just a regular speech, it could be some poems or some funny remarks or a peppy song to enhance the spirit of the new occupants and entertain the audience. Treasure hunt can also be included as a fun activity. Keep some small household things in various nooks and corners of the house and let your guests search them out. You can provide them with some clues relevant for that specific object.

The main aim of making so much effort in housewarming party is to celebrate the special moments of acquiring a new house with your well wishers. Most of the invitees will be carrying some gifts along with them. You can gift them some party favors too. The party favors need not be something expensive, but can be anything that expresses your feelings of thankfulness and appreciation towards the guests for attending the party.
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