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Wonderful Homecoming Theme Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Homecoming Theme Ideas
Homecoming is an annual event in high schools and colleges that is organized with a theme in mind. In this PartyJoys article, we will be going over some wonderful homecoming theme ideas that will surely catch your attention.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Traditionally, a lot of festivities are associated with the occasion of welcoming the alumni of the school. It is an excellent way for former students to remember the old days, as well as to catch up with their friends, teachers, and professors. Some of the common events of homecoming are sporting events like football match, school band parade, and crowning of athletes and talented students of the school along with Homecoming King and Queen. Homecoming theme ideas can be implemented properly with adequate planning beforehand.
Picking the Theme
As we mentioned earlier, the theme of the event is crucial as it will dominate what kind of decorations there will be along with the dress code, food items, and beverages.
Starry Night
Decoration for this theme is comparatively quite easy. All you need is stars in the form of balloons, candles, banners, cut-outs, and different types of lights. You can set some columns all over the place with stars at their top. The centerpiece could be a large Mylar star placed on a table, whose shape is same as that of a star. Hang big banners of stars, cloud clusters, and balloons from the ceiling. Fill the entire place with lots of star sprays spread all over. The best part of this theme is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for the decoration of the venue. So, if you are on a tight budget, then you should go with this theme.
Red Carpet Night
This theme is ideal if you want to give a celebrity feel to all the guests out there. As the name suggests, it would have a celebrity walkway covered with red carpet which may lead couples to the dance area. Or else, you can keep the red carpet at the entrance so that everyone can get a grand welcome and they will feel very special too! At the backdrop "Hollywood" should be written to set the mood for the theme. For decoration, you can use large cardboard cameras of various styles, reels made of paper, movie posters, etc. To add further glamor, you can make arrangements for spotlights as well.
Tropical Paradise Night
You get a lot of scope to use your creative party ideas in this theme. Decorate the venue with lots of palm trees, artificial grass, variety of tropical animal cut outs. Other items that can be used for decoration are seashells, paradise flowers, hanging seagulls and so on. You can also set up an island or grass hut at the center of the hall. For the feel of ocean, decorate the stage with shiny blue fabric.
Jungle Night
For this, you have to create jungle vines, palms, swinging arches made of jungle grass, etc. Use a lot of purple and green color balloons for designing the jungle. Place cutouts of different wild animals like tigers, lions, or deer all over the place for decoration. To make the jungle look perfect, moss covered trees can also be included.
Clouds' Night
Arabian Nights
Mystery Nights
Halloween Nights
Caribbean Nights
Cherished Moments
Masquerade Night
Mardi Gras
Shores of Venice
Organizing the Event
Basically, in order to make the theme a success, you require good music and loads of energy. Some people love to keep it very casual, others prefer to have a dance theme. It could be based upon the theme of the party as well.
  1. For a casual theme, you can opt for casino night, where you can set the mood by placing some poker tables and roulette tables all around.
  2. Suppose you have kept a red carpet theme, then the dance them could be as glamorous as Hollywood night. This will give a lot of scope to the girls and guys to dress up like an Oscar night. Guys will look handsome in a classic tuxedo. While the girls can experiment with some highly glamorous homecoming dresses and homecoming hairdos.
  3. If you wish to make the dance theme a fantasy, then a fairy tale night will be just the right theme. In this theme, the dresses need not be very fashionable but can utilize the creativity to look like a fairy tale character.
  4. Similarly, in Renaissance night theme, girls and guys can have fun in dressing up like some famous personalities from the historical period.
One thing has to be kept in mind while choosing the right theme and that is, that the theme should be able to keep the spirit of the school intact. Moreover, it can be incorporated in all sections of the event.
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