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Astonishing Housewarming Party Themes to Make it a Memorable One

Housewarming Party Themes
Planning a housewarming party, but cannot think of any themes? Make your housewarming party a memorable one with these incredible housewarming party themes.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Buying a new house or moving into a rented apartment, is an achievement for one and all. It is the idea of making a home of yourself and bringing up a family, which is worth a grand celebration. To gather luck, love and laughter for this homely thought, invite your family, friends and loved ones to wish you. Housewarming parties are traditional events, which is being carried on for ages.
It is an excellent way of getting to know your neighbors, striking new friendships and making a start to a new life, in a new place. In olden times, sugar was a gift that guests brought to congratulate the hosts and wish them a life of sweetness. However, with changing time and happening party scenes, you can try some out-of-the-box housewarming party themes for a fun-filled party.
Housewarming Party Ideas
Themed Food Party
Thai buffet table in restaurant
Food is the soul of every party. It is the reason why many people attend parties and it is the one thing that every guest remembers post party. So for a food party theme, pick a cuisine and prepare all the dishes on the same cuisine. For instance, if you are going the Thai way, then make sure that right from starters to the desserts, your preparations stick to the South East Asian flavors.
2 Pool Side Party
Friends Socializing At Dinner Party Outdoors*
Throwing a housewarming party in summer? Indoor party in the summers seem like a bad option, as the heat is too much to take. So get outdoors and feel the soothing zephyrs of summer besides a pool. A pool party takes a little planning.
Begin with sending invites to your guests and inform them that it is a pool party, so that they are prepared with appropriate costumes. Summer drinks, salads, sandwiches and fun finger foods. Add the warmth of the sun to your party by taking it out to the cool blue pool.
Cocktail Party
Friends cocktail party in bar
All of us love to flaunt those stylish cocktail attires. So, make your housewarming party a cocktail affair with high tea and cake. Invite your guests over between-the-meals and end this party with a light supper.
Fine wine, cheese and some starters would be a great way to start this party, if you do not want to have tea. This will give every one a chance to socialize as well, as it would be a loud party like the aforementioned options.
4 Costume Party
Costume Party
A costume party theme doesn't gel with a housewarming party idea. But who cares? A costume party would never possibly go wrong.
Bride Having Fun On Her Bachelorette Party
Send out the invites for this party and see how your party turns out to be! With a wide scope for imagination to dress up for the party, you don't really have to make an effort, write down a dress code for your guests. Stick to the finger food, salads and fruit punch as they are extremely easy to make.
Socializing is a very important part of all the parties. Thus, go around introducing your guests to one another and help them to get to know each other. While arranging for your party, make sure that you send the invites at least a week in advance, so that the guests have ample of time to respond.
Once you have the responses, take a headcount and then place the order for food with the caterers. Second or the third month is the most appropriate time to throw a housewarming party. But, ensure that your house is all setup before party time.
But, ensure that your house is all setup before party time. Inviting guests over when your house, which is still a dumping ground will make a terrible impression on your guests. After all, first impression is the last impression and you don't really want to ruin it, do you?
Halloween Party
Castle Party
Party For Carnival Or Halloween
Halloween Party With Children