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A Step-by-step Beginner's Guide on How to Make a Toga Perfectly

How to Make a Toga
Be it Halloween, Christmas, or a birthday, toga costumes are the best choice for any costume party. This article tells you how to make one using a sheet.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
The traditional Roman male attire are called togas. However, now, even the female attire (originally known as Stola) is also called a toga. These directions are for making a simple toga, however, a little bit of imagination and improvisation can help you at making it more elaborate.
Making a Toga Costume
Step 1
You will need a free-flowing material of cloth. Go for a white, maroon, off white, or pearl shade. You could experiment with green and golden as well, depending on a color that flatters you the most. The reason why I mention these colors is because they have a more surreal and Roman feel about them. You will need about 4 or 5 yards of it.
Step 2
Once you have the material, you need to get started on making the toga. The best looking toga would be one that is draped out of a semi-circular material. So, if you can, cut the material into a semi-circular arc from one side. However, this step is completely optional. So, if you find that you cannot do the cutting, drop the idea.
Step 3
Now, we come to the draping. Originally, nothing used to be worn inside the togas. However, if you wish, you can wear a matching or a contrasting t-shirt inside. Women can opt for a drop neck halter top, or a spaghetti or tank top inside.
Step 4
Now, we begin the draping (finally). Wear a pair of shorts inside the toga. This will help in the draping. Now, pin one end of the toga on your waist, in the center. Make sure that it is secure. Then you wrap it around your waist. One needs to wrap it at least once. However, depending on your comfort and the availability of the cloth you can wrap it one more time.
Step 5
Once you have wrapped it comfortably around your waist, pin it to the side of your waist. Make sure you don't wrap it too tight, else it would restrict movement of your legs. So, according to your comfort, pin it on the side of your waist. Now, throw the rest over the opposite shoulder. Like, if you have pinned it to the right, throw it over the left shoulder.
Step 6
Once you have thrown it over the shoulder, take it around the back. Make sure that it isn't too tight. It needs to be casually loose. Once you have the right fit, pin it to the waist again. Voila! You have draped your toga.
Along with the toga, you need to accessorize right. So wear gladiators on your feet. You can also put on a leafy crown or a small wreath on your head. Women can couple it with bead necklaces, armlets, bangles, and anklets. Men can put on rope necklaces to give them more of a warrior look, they can couple it with a sword as well.
How to Make ...
.. A Roman Toga
A roman toga does not require one to wear a tunic. One can go for earthy colors and solid shades for a roman toga. A roman toga would generally be longer. It should reach below the knees.
.. A Greek Toga
Making a Greek toga is similar to a roman one. However, in a Greek toga, a tunic would be required. A Greek toga has darker shades, and can be a mixture of two colors. One can go for a shorter toga when going Greek. You can end it above the knees, if you like.
.. A Female Toga
Female togas require the wearer to be particular about the draping. Toga costumes for women can be of any color. However, the length is normally longer for female togas. One needs to wear a spaghetti of halter top inside the toga, to make it look more beautiful. The right accessories are of utmost importance for women.
.. A Toga Outfit from a Sheet
You can drape it the same way as the steps given above. However, these togas will be longer, unless you fold them in half, width wise. You can also opt out for the semi circle step in this case (if you would like to use a sheet again).
Beautiful Girl with Wreath on Head
portrait of ancient roman man
Elegant white drape texture