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Indoor Party Games for Couples to Make the Evening a Big Hit

Indoor Party Games for Couples
There is always a need for some indoor party games for couples, especially when the party is meant for and is attend by only couples. Mentioned below are some 6 great ideas that you can put to use and form your very own party games. So what are you waiting for? Start reading...
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Jun 1, 2018
At every party there are two kinds of people - those who want to go home and those who don't. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other. - Ann Landers
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Our lifestyles today tell us that we need to party every weekend! Come Friday or Saturday night and we look forward to making plans with friends and family. Of course, with so many parties to attend and throw, there needs to be something different in each of these parties to make them more fun, isn't it? 
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The best way to have some great fun at these parties is by arranging some amazing fun games. In this article, we'll look at some ideas relating to indoor party games that are meant only for couples. You can use these ideas, modify them if you want and arrange some of the most amazing couple games at your parties. Couples games are not only famous today but also offer a great way to pass time at parties that might just get boring with only the talking.
Interesting Indoor Party Games for Couples
The following are just ideas that will help you to arrange some indoor party games your way. You can put in more ideas to something you like, change something you don't like, and also combine a few of the following ideas if you like. The games can then be held at any party you want, big or small. Let's check them out!
Who knows?
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Take a piece of paper and divide it into two equal parts: one for men and the other for ladies. Make ten common categories such as 'favorite color', 'favorite movie', 'favorite cuisine' etc. Under every category, on the left half of the paper, people have to write what they think is their partner's favorite color/movie/cuisine and on the right, their own. Every correct answer will gain the couple one point. The maximum points a couple can score are 20. All the couples have to take this quiz individually but at the same time and for the same time too. You can increase the number of categories and also hold the game as a personal quiz if you want. The couple who scores the maximum number of points is the winner.
Who thought?
Every couple will get two minutes (one minute per partner) in this game. For one entire minute, each individual has to speak something about their partner. They can say anything they want but if one of the individuals pauses for more than two seconds, the couple gets disqualified. Randomly select names from a box so that there are no arguments over preference. Obviously, the individual who is last to speak would get the maximum time. Ask someone to keep a check on the time and also on what exactly is every individual is speaking. The best speech, the best impromptu thinking and the best pace will win the game.
Who's better?
Now we come to the regular party games where usually people compete against each other but here, it'll be the couples competing against each other. The host can hide say 50 items anywhere in the house and the couples attending the party have to find these items. The couple that finds the maximum number of items in the given time, wins the game. If you are the host, make a list of 50 items that you would like to hide. Give this list to every couple, just one list between two people. This will make sure the couple finds the items together. Remember the good old name-place-animal-thing game?
Print sheets with every single alphabet and give one to every couple. This makes it two sheets per couple. Both the partners have to find different answers for each alphabet. The couple to finish first, wins! If you are fine with some alcohol, drinking games can also be a part of these competitions.
Blind Turns!
Blind Man's Bluff
Gather all the guests and make them stand in a line. Randomly select one person and blindfold him/her. If a woman is blindfolded, make only the men stand in the line now and vice versa. Now make that person go through the entire line once before starting the time. Once this is done, start the time (you can decide what time limit should be maintained) and make that person stand at the start of the line. Now this person, has to guess where his/her partner is in the line only by touching and trying to guess. Everyone who succeeds in the given time, wins! If you want only one single winner, the person who guess the fastest, wins!!
One Truth, One Lie!
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In every couple, one person will write down five lies and five truths. These can be absolutely anything of your choice. Your partner has to guess which one of those are the lies and which ones are the truths. People, who successfully make the right choices, proceed to the next round. The same cycle will continue until only two contestants remain. Now, you can start playing the game verbally. This way, everyone at the party can hear what is going on and thus, everyone will have fun.
Two to Tango!
It's easy to dance when no one is watching but when everyone has their eyes just on you, it might get a tad difficult, isn't it? Make chits in such a manner that there should be chits that contain the name of a couple and equal number of chits that have dance songs written on them. Make sure that the name and songs chits are of different color. You can ask the guests to put in one dance song of their choice if you want. Like a draw, take out the name chit and then the song chit. The couple will have to dance on that song for a specified amount of time. The best dancing couple wins!!
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These were some unique and interesting indoor party games for couples which will surely make your party more fun. These fun party games for couples should be held in quick succession or should be held in an area that is appropriate for the number of people attending. Treasure hunts and minute to win it games are also some commonly held games at couple parties. Plan well in time and make these games a hit and by the end of it, people will be asking for more. Have fun!
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