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Simple Ideas for Impeccably Fancy Japanese Party Decorations

Japanese Party Decorations
Japanese party decorations can transform any party venue, into a beautiful oriental paradise. Check out some of the beautiful decoration items that you can use for your Japanese theme party.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Japan with its unique culture, enriched to a great extent by the traditional history, literature, and fashion, has held an exotic appeal for one and all. A Japanese party theme lends itself to the beautiful decorations, so reminiscent of this ancient, exotic Asian culture. It is not really difficult to integrate the Japanese culture into your party. There are a host of Japanese decorative displays and ornaments, embodying Japanese culture. These include, colorful paper lanterns, paper dragons, "Shoji" screens, the unique "Konichiwa" banners, and not to forget, the beautiful oriental fans. Take a look at how you can transform your party venue with beautiful Japanese party ideas, that need not burn a hole in your pocket.
Ideas for Japanese Party Decorations
Oriental Paper Lanterns: No oriental party decoration is complete without the beautiful paper lanterns. Available in a host of shapes and colors, these paper lanterns are ideal for large parties, weddings, and events. Made of medium grade rice paper along with bamboo ribbing, the battery-operated party lights can be strung throughout the house. They can also be used to decorate the patio. For your Japanese parties, you can choose from either the classic solid colored paper lanterns or pick up some of the beautifully printed Asian rice paper lanterns. These are printed with fun hearts, bamboo, flowers, and geometric patterns and are available in several different shapes and colors.
Paper Parasols: Beautiful, colorful parasols hung from the ceiling can add a touch of that exotic Asian culture to your home or any party venue. Check out the beautiful oil paper parasols with scalloped edges and printed with a lovely cherry blossom branches. Alternately, you can use the multi-colored spiral oiled paper parasol. Along with these decorations, you can use a large, red oriental garden parasol, crafted in bamboo. It not only makes a wonderful sun umbrella and tea parasol, but is a perfect party accessory for all occasions!
Wall Hanging : Use "noren" or the unique doorway curtains, which have been used in Japan for centuries, as a banner for your party. You can also transform the drab walls with beautiful paper fans available in many shades and prints.
Japanese Table Decorations: The Japanese traditionally use low tables and pillows while eating. For the table decorations, you can place two coffee tables together and place a tablecloth with oriental design on it. For adding a traditional touch, use the sake sets or pick up the earthen bowls and dishes to serve the party food, such as sushi. You can transform plain paper napkins and invitations which can be decorated with a rubber stamp featuring Japanese-style motifs. Use beautifully painted lacquer chopsticks with Japanese kanji characters. For the table centerpiece, you can use ikebana flower baskets or traditional Japanese soup bowls. These centerpieces can also make for beautiful Japanese party favors, which the guests will absolutely love.
Japanese Outdoor Decorations: Bring back the ancient Japanese culture to your garden with the traditional bamboo fountains or kakei that have been used in Japanese gardens for centuries. Place these bamboo fountains at the edge of ponds, basins, or water gardens, along with the traditional Japanese tea garden ladles, which were used for cleansing of the hands and mouth with water so as to purify the mind and body. You can also use the crane fountains, that are made from cast of brass with a beautiful verdigris finish, to add both beauty and interest to your garden.
Most of the Japanese party supplies are available online, as well as in the party stores. So, the next time you plan to host a Japanese dinner party birthday or a baby shower, use these brilliant decorations to add the charm of the beautiful Japanese culture, to your party.
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