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Mall Scavenger Hunt

Mall Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Get You Re-energized and Lively

When all the town's partying around in the same old boring way, you can make your special day a fun filled event for your friends. How? Head to the mall for a scavenger hunt party, that's how.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
Why not head to the mall for a day of unusual fun? You can indulge in clothes, accessories and cosmetics all day long. Now that sounds like a lot of fun. Just pack in a list of tasks to be completed within a certain amount of time for each of your guests to perform. Why do we suggest this? Well, that's what a mall scavenger hunt is all about.
A few things are to be considered before you hit the mall for a scavenger hunt. We advise you to go a couple of days prior to the event and ask for official permission to conduct the scavenger hunt. Besides, a trip to the mall will help you jot down a few things that you can enlist as tasks. You can even speak to a few sales representatives to help you with your preparation.
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Depending on the mall regulations you can decide to give the teams a minimum amount of $10 to make purchases if necessary. Before the mall scavenger hunt begins, be sure to lay down certain rules and regulations to be followed.
Mall Scavenger Hunt
Say It With a Picture
There's nothing like allowing the teams to click pictures of things you mention in the list. Arm each team with a digital camera and ask them to get pictures of the items mentioned in the list. This list can include the items which are too highly priced or are simply priceless. These can be anything ranging from:
  • A pair of purple stilettos
  • A pair of shoes with a bow
  • An elegant golden/silver clutch
  • A mannequin with flaming red hair
  • A team member posing as a mannequin
  • A team member holding hands with a stranger
  • A team member helping an old couple
  • A team member trying out a suede jacket
  • A team member trying out yellow shoes/dress
  • Picture of a stranger
  • A mother with a child and bags
  • Lavender polka dot socks
  • A stranger with heavy makeup
  • An exquisite tiara/earrings
  • A team member covered in soft toys
  • Take a picture of a person who looks like a celebrity
  • A store with a 40% off sale
  • A turtle brooch
  • A ring worth $999
  • A hat with 4 flowers
  • Costliest kitchen appliance
  • An opal studded ring
  • A zebra print bag
For the Records
You are out for a day of fun remember, and a little bit of craziness is allowed. You got to capture this bit of craziness on camera and keep it as a remembrance of the event. Record all the mishappenings and incredibly funny moments of the group to make your own personal movie. These acts can include:
  • Performing a catwalk, with clothes that have tags
  • The team singing in front of a store
  • A team member performing an act in a store
  • A team member proposing a cute stranger
  • Dancing with a shirt/dress in the store
  • A team member serving a customer at the food mall
  • A team member volunteering to do the dishes at the food mall
  • A team member eating out of a strangers plate
  • Team members causing a commotion in the heart of a store
  • A team member pulling a prank call
  • A team member strutting the store dressed as superman
  • Someone dressed in something funny
  • A ramp walk in a perfect mismatched set of clothes
A Little Bit Inquisitive
Asking questions is the best way to know something, isn't it? Well, we suggest you include a set of questions that they will have to ask around at the mall. The questions could be anything from clues to information about the mall. These include:
  • The number of washrooms on a particular floor
  • The number of stores on the second floor
  • The number of food stalls in the food mall
  • The number of stores starting with the alphabet starting "J"
  • The number of entrance and exits to the mall
  • The largest size of shoe in a particular store
  • The cost of a chicken and bacon sub at Subway
  • The cost of a red cardigan on a mannequin in a store
  • The cost of a striped scarf from a particular store
  • The number of high chairs in a particular food stall
  • The number of buttons in an elevator
  • Information about the mall
  • The number of interconnected stores
  • The cost of an over sized black dress
  • The store giving a maximum discount
  • The cost of a pomegranate scented soap from The Body Shop
  • The number of toppings at Dunkin' Donuts
  • The cost of a tank top from Gap
  • Number of stores selling a white polo shirt with a red heart
  • The cost of a Jonas Brothers CD
Among the Souvenirs
You'd better give each team a list of things they can get back without spending any money. It's not all that tough you just got to ask them to gather things that would be discarded by the store at some point of time. To the list of souvenirs you can add:
  • A sample of a cologne/perfume
  • A used straw
  • A piece of tissue paper
  • 5 cents found on the floor
  • A mall map
  • A loose sequin or bead
  • A strangers autograph
  • A napkin with a logo
  • A ketchup packet
  • An empty carton of French fries
  • A testing spoon
  • A gum ball (cannot be purchased)
  • Free samples from stores
  • An empty can (should not be purchased)
  • A paper clip
  • A shopping bag
  • A candy stick
  • A discarded movie ticket
  • A blue string
  • An old receipt
  • A store brochure
  • A pen/pencil
  • Something broken that was going to be discarded
  • Food menu card
  • A tag with the age of the one celebrating the birthday
Rules to be followed...
  • Teams must be polite and courteous to salespeople and shoppers at all times.
  • Any team found guilty of running and screaming will be penalized.
  • Damaging goods in the store is not acceptable.
  • Team members should in no way cause inconvenience to other customers.
  • Turns should be taken to be present in the pictures.
  • No team member is permitted to leave the mall without prior permission.
  • Team members should respect the team leader (an adult), at all times.
  • The teams should be reaching the meeting point on time, failing which points will be deducted.
  • The team completing the tasks first shall be awarded bonus points.
  • The team with a maximum points will be declared the winner.
Post the scavenger hunt, you can choose to treat the teams at the mall itself or continue the party at home. Hope you have an exhilarating day at the mall.