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Toga Party Costumes That'll Ensure You Look Like a Million Bucks

Toga Party Costumes
It's party time! But, it's not just another party, it's a costume party. And, the theme is toga costumes. For a toga costume party, you can have a toga which looks elegant, creative, or non-traditional. Just choose the right cloth and accessories, and you'll have a great toga outfit for the party.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
A toga is a loose piece of cloth wrapped around the body. A little toga flashback... togas were worn in Ancient Rome by men, over a tunic, or a loincloth. Some wear togas over a tunic, while some over a loincloth. Some men tie their tunics with sash too. Foreigners and slaves didn't have the right to wear this ancient Roman clothing, toga.
How to Wear a Toga ?
To wear a toga you will need a toga sheet which is around 5 yards. However, many use sheet which is 4 yards or 6 yards long. But, I think 5 yards is just the right size. Here is a list of the steps that will help you to wear a toga.

Easy Method with Tunic

-For this method first wear a white or any colored tunic inside.
-Then place one long end of the toga cloth over your left shoulder.
-Then take the other end of the toga cloth and drape it from behind and pin it to the left side shoulder. This will give a good fall of the cloth.
-You can also carry the cloth in your other hand for a regal appearance, instead of pinning it.

Toga without Tunic Method

-Take a cloth that is long and narrow. If you can get a cloth which has the bottom end shaped like a semicircle, it will work better. Keep this semicircle at the bottom, near your feet when draping the cloth.
-Now, pin one end of the cloth at the left side near your hip. Wrap the cloth around your back, to the place where you had pinned it. You have completed one round. Now, wrap the cloth around your back again, and bring it to front, and throw the rest over your left shoulder so that it is resting over the back. If there is still some cloth left, carry it in your right hand.
-If you want a free motion of your hands, pin the free cloth resting on the back at your waist.
So, now that you have learned how to make a toga, you need to decide whether you wish to dress up in a plain white toga, or wear a colorful one for the toga party to have all the eyes on you! Here are some toga costume ideas.
The Basic White Toga
If you are shy, and don't want to wear anything flashy; or if you are the kind of person who has a simple and classic taste, try this. Take a plain white cloth, and make a toga. Linen is a good choice of clothing material for toga cloth. Wear a pair of simple sandals to go with it.
The Elegant Toga
The Elegant Toga
An elegant toga will make you stand out without looking over the top. You can choose cloth with a colored or embroidered pattern, for your toga. Another way to give your toga that elegant look, is to pick a color of your choice, and wear a nice neckline, or belt that stands-out on the toga.
Here, are some toga costume combinations.

White toga with a nice gold plaited belt.
A pink toga with a neckline in different colors, for the girls.
A plain white toga, with big green colored bracelets, on both hands.
White tunic and a blue toga, for the guys.

These were some ideas for toga party costumes, but you can experiment, and make your own cool combinations. For the elegant look, remember not to use too many accessories, and not to wear a toga with too much of design, or colors on it.
The Creative Toga
For people who want to stand out, and also look nice can try these ideas of toga costumes. Get the cloth for the toga, with different colors. You can also choose cloth having some design on it, or mix both, colors, and design. Accessorize with a belt, a tiara, necklines, etc.
The Theme (Non-Traditional) Toga
If you don't care to match your toga with the accessories, here are some non-traditional toga ideas.

Sporty: Wear your toga with your running shoes, and a baseball cap.
Cowboy: Wear your toga with a cowboy hat and boots. You can keep chewing on clean straw, for that extra cowboy feel! Don't keep chewing for long though, or you will miss the party food!
Warrior: You can wear an armor, helmet, and a sword for this look.
Angel: You can wear a halo headband, and wings, for the angel look.
The Last Minute Toga
The Last Minute Toga
So, you were not invited but somehow got the invitation at the last hour? Worry not, use a clean bed sheet to wrap around like a toga. Use the bed sheet to make the toga. It will be good if you can get a soft cotton bed sheet, rather than a thick one. Use basic accessories like sandals, and a belt, to go along with the toga.
You can wear different types of accessories to go with your toga. Some of them are sandals (with straps worn around calves or ankles), belts, tiaras, necklines, bracelets, arm bands, ribbons, sashes, etc. You can also use hair accessories like wigs, ribbons and pins.
-Do wear an undergarment inside the toga!
-To keep it decent, wear a tunic inside the toga, if you don't have a tunic, a normal plain t-shirt will do.
-Ladies who want their togas to be revealing, be a bit careful on how much to show. Also, make sure you have pinned-up well at the right places.
-Always, keep some extra pins with you.
-Keep, the length of your toga above the ankles, so you can move easily.
-After wearing the toga, do a little check. Walk around a bit, dance a bit, to see if the toga stays put on your body.
-If you are using a bed sheet, and don't like the print on it, you can wear it inside out.
-If you are uncomfortable with a certain accessory, then it's a better idea not to wear it.
This was how to wear a toga, and how to make it look special. So, Well, my work here is done. Enjoy!