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Understanding the Fundamental and Official Rules of Beer Pong

Official Rules of Beer Pong
Have you ever played beer pong according to its official rules? If not, then read this article to understand what the basic rules of the game are and how you should play it.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Beer Pong, Red Cup
A drinking game, that has become extremely popular as a party game, beer pong originated sometime in the fifties at the Dartmouth College in the United States. Originally, this game was played with paddles and was played with a net, which is the reason that it was named beer pong, thanks to the resemblance it bore to ping pong. Today, of course, the game is played without paddles. It is also from time to time referred to as Beirut. While till recently, there were no official rules, the World Series of Beer Pong have of late come up with some official regulations for the game.
The basic aim of the game is to throw a ping pong ball across the table, so that it crosses over to the other team's side and lands in a cup of beer placed there. There are generally two teams consisting of either two or four players. The World Series of Beer Pong has now decided on the number of cups that should be placed on either side and also the formation of the cups. You can easily play the game on a table tennis table.
The World Series of Beer Pong gives you a list of equipment needed to play the game. This list includes disposable plastic cups, with ridge lines or measurement. The cups generally allow for 16 ounces of fluid. For the game you will need as many twenty cups, ten for each team. The balls that are used are the typical balls that are used in a ping pong game. The cups are arranged on either a table made specifically for the game or on a ping pong table in the formation of an equilateral triangle.
Each team is also provided with a cup of water in order to rinse the ball, after it lands in the cup of beer. While placing the cups it is important that the cups are not tilted or leaned towards any of the cups surrounding it. The objective is very simple. The players try to land ping pong balls in the glass of beer on the other side. If the ball lands in the glass, then the players in the other team have to drink the beer. The team that manages to get the other team to drink all the glasses of beer first wins the game.
The rules as prescribed by the World Series of Beer Pong are given below.
  • The team that has possession of the ball at the start of the game gets one shot, and thereafter, every team gets two shots per turn.
  • A player is allowed to grab a ball only if it has made contact with a cup but not if the ball is still in the cup. If a player from another team does interfere with the ball before it makes contact, then the other team may opt for removing a cup.
  • It is permissible for the ball to bounce off the table before landing in the cup.
  • Reformation of the triangle of cups, and re-racking is permissible as the number of cups reduces. This is allowed even if it is in the middle of a turn.
  • None of the players are allowed to touch the table when shooting the ball. They are but allowed to touch the table after the ball is shot.
  • Players are not allowed to move around the cups on their side of the table in order to get a leaning advantage. If the cups do move while shooting a ball, then the player needs to return it to its original position.
  • The players of one team are not allowed to create distractions for the players of the other team while they are shooting the balls. While spectators may cause distraction, at no point of time are they allowed inside the area where the game is being played.
  • If a team manages to knock over one of its own cups, then it loses that cup. But in case the second team does not catch the fact that the first team has knocked over the cup, then the team may retain the cup.
  • There is no penalty for shooting the ball into your own cup by mistake.
  • Players from the other team are not allowed to shoot balls when the other team is reforming the cups on their side of the table.
  • The team that manages to land the ball in the last cup of the opposing team wins the game.
There are many different versions of the game. Tips have been listed out to enable people to win the game easily. The rules as prescribed by the World Series of Beer Pong are still not as widely accepted. Beer pong, remains a party game that allows for a lot of fun and can be a great ice breaker.