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Things to Do at a Sleepover

Things to Do at a Sleepover
Games, dance party, competitions, gifts and a lot of fun with your best buddies. This is what a sleepover is all about. Add spice to your fun with our interesting ideas for a perfect sleepover. Keep reading.
Niharika Arya
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Sleepovers or slumber parties means a lot of fun, specially when you are with your best buddies. To make the sleepover fun you just need to organize some funny games, shows and of course yummy food. As we say more people more fun, invite at least 4 people, but restrict the count to 10, as it may create chaos. Decide the list of people whom you want to invite and then plan the party.
How to Plan a Sleepover

Planning is a must for any event or party. The most important thing to do before planning a sleepover is to take permission from your parents. Then go ahead with the plans and arrangements.
  • First of all decide upon the guest list. Try to restrict your count to 10. Do not invite anyone who is not comfortable with the other guests.
  • Decide the date and place. Try to keep the slumber party on a weekend or on a day before a holiday, as it will give you the liberty to stay awake at night and enjoy without worrying about school or work the next day. Once the date is decided, call each one of your guests and confirm that they are indeed free that night.
  • Next, you need to make your invitations. Handmade invitations will be a very good idea. Write in these invitations some of the events you are going to organize and keep some surprises. Let your guests guess what more is in store for them.
  • Decide a dress code and make sure everyone sticks to it. If it's a girls' sleepover then decide upon something pink or red or yellow and if it's a boy sleepover, then let the colors be blue, black, etc.
  • Food is a very important part of a sleepover. Make sure you decide the menu for dinner and for breakfast the next morning. Apart from this, arrange for some snacks to munch throughout the night.
  • After all this, decide the schedule for the night and include various events and games to make the night fun-filled and entertaining. Here are some options.
Girls: This is one of the most creative and interesting things to do at a sleepover for teenage girls, as at this age they love dolling up. Use every single shade and item from your makeup box and experiment with new looks. You can do it in two ways, either you can surf the Internet and try to do the perfect makeup or go for the ugliest and scariest makeup.

: Well, this might seem to be girlish, but boys can also have fun with this idea. Make chits with every single boy's name present in the room. Then throw it and select one chit. The boy whose name is selected will be the dummy for the makeup. Don't forget to take pictures as these are the moments you will never forget.
Coming to games, try to make it logical and funny rather than any physical game like wrestling. Following are some options for games.
  • The most popular game these days is truth or dare. You must be aware of the rules and hence can take full advantage of this game.
  • You can organize a donut eating competition and arrange small gifts for the winners.
  • Chinese whisper is among my personal favorites. With a large group, you can enjoy a lot.
  • Indoor games like chess, carom board, taboo, UNO, monopoly, etc., are some more options.
Scary Stories and Movies
This is one of the best sleepover party ideas for girls. They love to hear such stories and watch scary movies but let me tell you one thing they are equally scared about such things. They will not even move from their places once the stories start and even after they are over. So, make a record of at least 10 stories or 2 scary movies to watch. These scary things will make your night an unforgettable one for sure.
Once every one is fast asleep or when the one on whom you want to play the prank, sleeps, take a toothpaste tube and make mustache on each one's face. You can also do it with the help of a makeup kit or markers. Make beard or make long teeth like a vampire or paint their face like a clown. Then go back to your bed and watch them struggling in the morning with their colorful faces. You can also apply weird nail colors on their nails and let them check it in the morning.
Well this topic is endless for girls. They can gossip about anything and everything in the world. One night for gossip is total injustice for any girl out there. Boys, although girls are famous for their gossiping ability, we very well know you do the same when in a large group of friends. So, I think this will definitely help both girls as well as boys.
Dance and Sing
Dance, music and food, I think this much is enough for a sleepover party. If you have buddies who can dance well, then you need not worry at all as they will take charge to make this part of the sleepover completely entertaining. Make sure every single person in the room dances.
Print your Own T-shirt
Get some plain white t-shirts and fabric paint colors from the market. Pitch in for all the material. Distribute the t-shirts among all. Provide them with the paint and start painting. You can write famous friendship quotes, draw cartoon characters, or imprint your own hand, or make a slogan for your group and paint it on every t-shirt.
Organize a Fashion Show
As all of you are filled with different ideas and creativity, utilize it in something productive. Inform your friends beforehand about the fashion show and ask them to design their clothes with the old ones they have. I am sure they will come up with something very creative and amazing. Arrange an award for the winner and declare them prince/princess.
Try Something Fresh! Create from Waste
Ask everyone to bring something that can be recycled their house, like plastic bottles or waste paper or metal scrap, and make some thing creative from this material. Explain this activity beforehand so that they can decided what they have to make. This will be a very interesting and productive activity to do. Enjoy various ideas from these scrap items.
Things to Remember at a Sleepover
  • As slumber party will be at someone's house, you need to take care of other people at home as well. If there is an elderly person, then arrange games and events which will not bother them.
  • Avoid fights, arguments and any type of misbehavior at your slumber party. This can spoil everyone's mood.
  • Make sure food items and beds are clean and tidy.
  • You can enjoy loud music, but only if your parents and neighbors are fine with it. However, it is advisable to avoid playing loud music late into the night.
  • Make a budget and do not exceed it. Try to get everything with the money that has been collected.
  • Avoid alcohol in such parties as you never know what people do after getting drunk, which may affect your parents' reputation too.
  • Do not force anyone to participate in a game if they are not comfortable playing.

In the morning when they are leaving, do not forget to thank your guests. Slumber parties always leave some sweet memories which you will cherish throughout your life. Enjoy the sleepover and have fun!