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Ideas to Share a Pajama Party Night Full of Fun and Laughter

Pajama Party Ideas
Pajama parties are a fun way for friends to come together and party the night away. Take a look into these fun pajama party ideas which would allow your closest friends to share a night of fun and laughter.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Who doesn't love a fun pajama party? I remember spending my pajama parties, dancing up a storm all night, and gossiping about 'god knows what' with my best friends. There is nothing like sitting in your flannel trousers, watching 'scary' horror movies and sipping hot chocolate. These slumber parties are a great way to catch up with old time pals and make up for the lost time as well.
So in case you are throwing a pajama party, here is a list of some great party ideas, complete with tips on invitations, games, themes, and activities. Not to forget the delicious snacks to munch on of course. As a matter of fact, these parties are the easiest to host. Not only are they inexpensive, they also do not require much planning or preparation. With a bit of quirky variations to your slumber party, you can make it a hit amongst all your guests. Before you start off with the planning spree, you should keep some things in mind. If you are planning for a sleepover, make sure it starts off late, so that you do not have yawning sleepyheads by 10 pm. An alternative for a sleepover is when the guests can go home at the bedtime. Make sure that if it is so, you make it clear in the invitation itself. So what are you waiting for? Make your pajama party a playful blast of fun, with these fun party ideas.
Choosing to host a theme based pajama party can be great fun. You can choose from a wide range of party themes from a Hawaiian luau to a favorite movies theme, the Hannah Montana theme, or the ever popular teddy bear theme. Based on your chosen theme, you can alter the decorations, the activities, and even your recipes. Play the music to go with the theme, and have your guests dressed for the theme as well.
There are a variety of pajama party invitations available in any local party store. If you want to add a creative twist to the party invitations, you can even customize these invitations to match the chosen theme or make them yourself by using the free printable clip arts on your computer. For example, if you choose to go with the teddy bear theme, then you can add teddy bear graphics to your invitation or have a cutout teddy bear invitation. The invitations can also be made to look like pillow cases, with a little batting to puff it up, or include graphics of pajamas, nightgowns, or a pillow fight. One of my all time favorites was the sleeping bag invitation, with the invite made like long sleeping bag, complete with a little paper doll, made out of construction paper. The information was listed on her little paper nightgown!
Decorations For The Party
Although a pajama party need not have elaborate decorations like other parties, you can have the decorations to match the theme of your party. For example, if you are using a teddy bear theme, you can use cutouts and pictures, to decorate the sleeping area and throw in lots of stuffed teddy bears and pillows around to complete the look. You can use balloons, streamers, and cutouts to jazz up the space.
There are a host of slumber party games and activities, that can be planned out to enable everyone to have fun during your pajama party. You can include popular games like bingo or scavenger hunt for your overnight party. There are also loads of activities like jewelry making and autographing or decorating pillow cases, etc. If you are not up for all this 'active' stuff, then just rent a good scary movie and enjoy the thrills. You can even play a movie trivia game after it. A great idea for a 'all girls slumber party' is organizing a makeover night. So all the girls can gather their cosmetics and hairbrushes and give all the girls the much-needed makeover session. After the transformations are complete, have a fashion show and make sure to get loads of pictures of the good times together. And while having all your fun, do not forget the pillow fights, the good old ghost stories, and the juicy gossip sessions.
Go easy on the party food and have everyone join in. Make pizza or salad and enlist some help in baking and decorating the cookies or the cupcakes. Get a lot of fun party snacks to munch on, like chips, pretzels, fruit, and popcorn. If it is a sleepover, then you can try out some breakfast ideas like pancakes baked in all funny shapes, or egg and Canadian bacon, and include some juice or smoothies as well.
So whether it is a backyard camp out, or 'sleeping bags in the playroom' night out, make sure to include these cool ideas for a great time together. Believe me, you will have good memories that will last a lifetime.
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