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Party Food Ideas to Make All Teenagers Smack Their Lips to Glory

Party Food Ideas for Teenagers
Are you looking for some ideas for party food for teenagers? Then you are on the right page. To know which party foods will be a hit in a teenage party, take a look.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
If your teenage daughter or son is hosting a party at the house, then it might seem that the best thing to do is stay out of their way. But although teenagers might give you the impression that they have all elements of the party covered, they invariably need some help about party food. So ask your son or daughter if they need any help or inspiration regarding the party menu. If your help is sought, then you need to come up with an awesome party food menu that your teenage guests will like. It is not that hard to please the teenage palate. All you need to serve are some finger foods or appetizers that are easy to pick up and eat. Of course, the food served should be delicious too, which goes without saying.
Tips for Planning a Menu for Teenagers Party
For a teenage party, you need not serve fancy gourmet food that you would otherwise serve at an adult dinner party. But then it should not be over simple too. You cannot serve something like cheese sticks and mini cupcakes that is more appropriate for a kids birthday party. So the challenge for you is to find the right mix of fun food that is not too simple or too restaurant like.
Before you decide on a menu for a teenagers party, it is best to sit down with your teen and get to know whether there is a theme for the party. If the party has a theme, then your party food menu should reflect the theme. If for example the theme for the party is Mexican fiesta, then you will need to plan a menu that features Mexican food. Once you know the theme of the party, work the menu around the theme. Choose a menu where you can prepare most of the items ahead of time and that way you do not have to sweat till the last moment to get everything finished. The last thing your children would want is you making food while the party is well under way. Also make sure that you confirm about the number of teens coming to the party so that you can make an estimate about the amount of food that needs to be prepared. If the number is huge and you feel that you cannot handle it on your own, then please don't hesitate to get help.
Ideas for Party Food for Teenagers
Now to come to the actual menu for the party, try to have a good selection of at least six to seven appetizers or finger food. Anything that can be picked up easily and does not contain any dripping gravies and sauces are a good choice. Teens tend to like finger food that are portable and delicious to eat. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to go for something too gourmet and high-end like a caramelized pear and gruyere cheese tart or a salmon ceviche. Quesadillas, cheese balls, nachos with guacamole and salsa verde, mini pizzas, crostini, chicken nuggets all works well for a teenagers party.
Alternatively, you can try making mini chicken sandwiches, grilled sausages, chicken wings, tacos, fish fingers, crab cakes, stuffed potatoes and deviled eggs. Some components of the appetizers like filling for mini chicken sandwiches and stuffed potatoes can be prepared a day ahead, so that on the day of the party you can assemble them in a matter of minutes. Some dishes like chicken nuggets, fish fingers and sausages can be bought pre packed from the supermarket and then simply prepared by deep frying or grilling them. For the main course choose a one pot meal that you can cook earlier like a Texas chili, a casserole or a paella.
Teenagers as a rule are not too fussy about food and the only thing you should provide is tasty and flavorsome food. Make sure that you provide some good drinks like fruit punch or virgin daiquiris to go with the food.
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