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Pump Up Your Party With These Simple Games to Play at Home

Party Games to Play at Home
Check out these fun party games to play at home whenever you feel the need to turn things around at a drab gathering...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
What could be more fun than having to go to a party with great games in store for all, without having to end up dancing the night away and passing out from the overflowing alcohol supply? Why not combine dancing, good food, drinks, and games into one party? No one ever wants to sit down and plan out a party, and just hold down one's spontaneity for once.

The next time you put a party together think about how much more memorable it would be if you just thought of adding something more partyesque to it - and what better way to do that than to include games? You'll find suggestions on games that are classic favorites when it comes to house parties, along with other explicit suggestions that you can try out, especially at bachelorette or bachelor parties.
Top Party Games to Plan Out
Whether it's your birthday, a bachelor/bachelorette party your friends are throwing for you or just a plain old house party - games can translate from ordinary to super fun depending on how rad a party you want to throw. I've compiled the top five games that have been sizzling on the charts for ages, and are old time favorites and probably those you haven't even heard of or tried.
Strip Poker...
Strip Poker
All right, so maybe you know where this is headed, but what's the harm in betting for money and possibly winning, while making sure the losers lose more than just what they put up on the table? Not everyone has to strip down to their drawers, but you can lose of course anything you have on from watches and jewelry to shoes, jackets, and other articles of clothing that aren't going to reveal anything to make you feel bashful. Just be sure that you're really good at poker before being a part of this X-rated game.
Drunken Memory Game...
What could be more fun than watching a bunch of people struggle to remember a string of items while hammered? To first start off this game, have everyone take two neat shots of tequila or rum, depending on your choice of alcohol, and start off the game with random household objects. Those who forget an item have to take another shot, but those who do get it right, have to stay put. The last one standing with all items remembered, is the winner - that kind of capacity should be applauded.
Blind Man (or Woman) Walking...
Blindfold Game
The idea of the game here is to blindfold the first player, spinning them around until they have no clue as to which direction they're pointed at. Randomly place balloons all over the house, and give the player a pin. The second player has to instruct him/her to walk in a certain direction in order to find the balloons and burst them. The first one to find all balloons in say two minutes, is the winning team of two. Have some fun by leading them down the wrong direction, so that they bump or smack themselves right in the face, while being unsuspecting about your viciousness - in a fun way though.
Indoor Tug O' War...
Tug of War
Have guests divide into two groups, and place in between both parties an inflatable structure filled with a concoction of your choice, it can be either delicious Jell-O or a cocktail mix, or even a disgusting mix of whatever you can find at home to throw in. Once you begin, only one member of each team goes forward and tries to dunk into the pool of god knows what, their opponent. Each group player comes forward, one from each team that is - the team with the most saved players, wins. To make things more interesting, blindfold both team players so that none of them are aware of what's coming, as they try to pull each other in.
Deadly Mix Drop Off...
This game will do well for those who live in crowded areas, with a porch overlooking a busy street, or if you have pesky neighbors, and kids roaming down below. Be very careful when doing this, since you can get into trouble if they catch you standing up above, giggling your way to glory. Two deadly combos will do the trick - rotten eggs, some water and fish gone bad. Make sure you do this in an enclosed area to avoid the place from stinking up. The best thing to do would be to prepare these in your porch, and store these (balloons) away in the refrigerator for the party the following day. Put these two ingredients in a balloon, that aren't very large in size - you don't want to spill your contents before you can throw them over the railing. Small medium-sized balloons will do just fine. Pick out your target, and have fun soaking them with the worst thing to have come their way. Those who have a good arm at throwing long shots can target far away victims, so as not to draw attention to your side of the building.
These party games don't follow the lines of being ordinary or discreet when it comes to upping the level on deviousness and fun. If parties didn't have their outrageous moments, they wouldn't be worth remembering. Have a great party!