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Incredibly Easy Rules for Playing the 'Civil War' Drinking Game

Rules for Playing the 'Civil War' Drinking Game
Got to host a house party, and are searching for some easy to play and organize drinking games? You're at the right place. Civil War is a fun drinking game that can be played by 4 to 6 players.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Civil War Tournaments
To make the game more fun, you can organize Civil War tournaments. However, this is only possible if the number of people playing is large. Tournaments can have quarter-finals, semi-finals, and a final round.
If you are familiar with Beer Pong, you'll be able to follow the rules of Civil War double quick. In Beer Pong, you place a pyramid of six glasses filled with beer, on either sides of a table; and then each player tries to pop a Ping-Pong ball in one of the opponent's glasses. If a player successfully pops it in a glass, the opponent has to drink the contents of the glass, and remove it from the table.
Unlike Beer Pong, where only 2 players can participate, in Civil War, 4 or 6 players play with their respective set of six glasses. As the name suggests, players divide themselves into two teams, and sit facing each other with their glasses in front of them.
Besides the fact that more players can play Civil War, let's find out what makes it more fun than Beer Pong?
Things You'll Need
  • 24 (4P) to 36 (6P) plastic glasses
  • 12 to 15 pints of beer
  • Ping Pong balls (1 per player)
  • A long table
How to Play the Civil War Drinking Game
Civil War Drinking Game
Layout of beer glasses for 2 teams of 3 players each.
Game Setup
To set up the game, give each player six glasses, and ask each one to form a pyramid. In case all agree over a single brand of beer, you can fill all the glasses at the beginning of the game. If players prefer different brands, ask each player to fill his/her glasses with his/her preferred beer or any other alcoholic drink.
Game Rules
The best part in Civil War is that there's no turn-taking. Once you get hold of a ball you can toss it towards any of your opponent's glasses.
The game begins when all players toss their respective balls towards the opponent's glasses. The six glasses are considered as six lifelines, with each successful pop, the opponent loses a life. Additionally, he/she has to drink the contents of the glass.
The game requires a player to follow the 'drink before you throw' rule. In case if a ball is successfully tossed into an opponent's glass, he must first drink, and can only throw after he's finished. While he's drinking, other players are allowed to make their tosses.
If two balls are tossed in the same glass in succession, that player is automatically eliminated, and has to drink all his remaining glasses. This is why a lot of players follow a strategy of aiming at one particular glass of a certain player.
In case two balls are popped into two different glasses on the same row, the player has to drink from both glasses, and return the balls to their respective shooters. In all other cases (when single balls are pitched), players may toss the ball (after drinking), at any of the opponent's glasses.
Passing a ball to one of your teammates is allowed. This happens mostly when a teammate's aim is real good, and the opponent's left with very few filled glasses. Such a player can easily aim at these glasses, and help his/her team win. It can also happen, somebody's tossed a ball in your glass, and you have to drink.
Players aren't allowed to lean or rest their elbows on the table while shooting. Also, they cannot maneuver to the sides of the table.
Bounce shots do not count. The player is supposed to toss the ball directly at the opponent's glass.
In case you accidentally block an incoming ball, you must drink one of your glasses.
After sessions of random ball-tossing, the team to lose all their lives, loses. This team has to evenly split all the remaining glasses (filled), and drink all of them.
That's it! We've provided the rules; go ahead, grab some beer, and begin playing Civil War. Also, please remember to drink responsibly, and enjoy the game.