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Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Keep Your Excitement on an All-time High

Scavenger Hunt Ideas
Scavenger hunt is a fun game wherein a bunch of people divide themselves into teams and set out to complete the tasks assigned to them. What we have here, are some fun scavenger hunt ideas to help you make the most of this recreational activity.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
In scavenger hunt, teams are given a list of items to collect or tasks to perform, and the team that completes the assigned task first, is declared the winner. At times, a specific time frame is assigned, and the team has to complete the maximum things possible to win. As the objective of this game is very generic, it can be easily modified into a number of variants. One of the best examples of the same is a photo scavenger hunt, where the objective is to take pictures instead of collecting things.
10 Simple Ideas for Scavenger Hunts
Neighborhood Hunt
An apt theme if you live in a lively neighborhood, full of enthusiastic people. You gather a group of kids, teenagers, or even adults from your neighborhood, divide them into two teams, and hand them the scavenger hunt list. The list of things to collect or tasks to perform should only have those things that are available in your neighborhood. So you can add tasks like plucking a flower from Mrs. Doe's garden, taking a picture of Mr Doe's car, etc.
Door-to-door Hunt
A slightly modified form of the neighborhood scavenger hunt, the door-to-door hunt involves going from one house to another and collecting the items mentioned in the list. You can, for instance, ask the teams to take a picture of a particular plant in Mrs. Doe's garden. Once again, your best bet if you happen to live in a friendly neighborhood.
Around-the-town Hunt
Around-the-town scavenger hunt raises the stakes. The list can include anything that has to do with the town. For instance, you can ask the teams to collect an item which is only found in a particular store in the town. In this case, the premise will be larger, and thus, it will demand more efforts from the participants ... and also more participants if possible.
Mall Scavenger Hunt
There is no doubt about the fact that the mall is one place where you get everything, so why not turn it into your scavenger hunt venue. The best part is that your list can be pretty diverse, with things ranging from ketchup packets and price tags to a picture with a mannequin or salesman from a particular store.
Recycle Hunt
Scavenger hunts can be real fun, no doubt. So while you are at it, why not earn some goodwill? It's the philosophy on which the recycle theme scavenger hunt is based. In this case, your list will comprise anything that can be recycled, right from plastic bottles to old cell phones. As long as it can be recycled, it can make to your scavenger hunt list. In this way, you will also end up doing your bit to save the environment.
Nature Hunt
In this case, the teams are assigned to work outdoors, in areas with plenty of trees or vast open fields. This can turn out to be a great opportunity to explore new surroundings and spread awareness about the need to save the environment. Instead of disturbing the nature though, you can plant certain items out there and ask the teams to find them.
Note: Nature is no doubt beautiful, but at times, it can become threatening as well. So it's important that you take necessary precautions when you indulge in this activity outdoors.
Scavenger Hunt-themed Party
You don't necessarily have to be outdoors to have a fun scavenger hunt. In fact, when you shift it indoors, scavenger hunt can turn out to be an effective ice-breaking party game ... especially when the guests are new to each other. In this case, you can either prepare a list of household items or a list of things that people usually carry along.
Office Scavenger Hunt
An unlikely scavenger hunt idea, but works pretty well to dissipate stress resulting from professional life. Simply divide coworkers in two or more teams and hand them the list of things to be collected. In this case, you can make a list of things that are available in your office, plant some things, or even add some work-related tasks to it.
Internet, Newspapers, or Magazine Hunt
If you are surrounded by tech-savvy people, you always have the option of going for an Internet scavenger hunt, wherein participants can be asked to find specific things on the Internet. Similarly, you also have the option of carrying out a newspaper or magazine hunt, wherein people can be asked to find specific news items, editorials, or photographs in newspapers and magazines, cut them, and paste them on the list.
Sound, Video, or Pictures Hunt
You can also opt for sound hunt, wherein the teams can be given a recorder and asked to record specific sounds; video hunt, wherein the teams can be given a list of tasks to perform, which they have to record on their cell phones or a camcorder; or picture hunts, which is quite similar to video hunt, with a camera being used to take still photographs instead of recording.
You can come up with your own scavenger hunt ideas with a little bit of creativity, or else add some variations to these ideas to make them more interesting. You can try variations, like giving a list of riddles so that the teams solve them and find the items, or go the Fear Factor style, wherein the teams get clues to the next stage when they cross each stage.
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