A List of Scavenger Hunt Items to Make the Game More Interesting

To conduct a scavenger hunt game, an experienced group of people is needed for guiding the participants. Children enjoy the game of scavenger hunt due to the activity of searching involved and a feel of adventure associated with it.
Scavenger hunts are interesting party games that involve a lot of searching and finding. Participants need to 'hunt' for items from a list provided to them. There are many different types of scavenger hunt ideas like the fall neighborhood scavenger hunt, door-to-door hunt, etc. Nowadays, even online scavenger hunt games are arranged; the online scavenger hunt games are mostly about searching information pertaining to a topic from the vast resources available on the Internet. Let us have a look at the list of items to be used in a scavenger hunt.

List of Scavenger Hunt Items

The items used for a scavenger hunt game could be anything found in our day-to-day life. Here are some of the popular list items for this game. These items are classified into different categories on the basis of type of game they are used for; let us have a look.

Fall Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
The fall neighborhood scavenger hunt is good for kids to know their neighborhood in a better manner. Children are divided in teams for this game. They have to traverse their surrounding areas and collect items in the list mentioned below. A time limit should be set for completing the task assigned to children. For a delay of every single minute, one point should be deducted. Children should be advised to remain polite while they ask for the list items from people. The materials needed for children to accomplish the task are a checklist, bags and a pens. The team which collects most number of items is declared winner. If the number of items collected by both the teams are same, the time used to complete the task is then taken into consideration. The list of scavenger hunt items for this game are presented below.

Yellow Flower
Orange Leaf
Red Berry
Kidney Bean
Cob of Corn
Yellow Candle
Brown Nail Polish
Orange Jellybean
Red Lipstick
Pumpkin Pie Recipe
Orange Garbage Bag
Brown Egg
Yellow Crayon
Orange Balloon
Outdoor Magazine
Cinnamon Stick

Door-to-Door Hunt
The door-to-door game involves traveling in groups in the neighborhood. One should politely ask for the list items in the neighborhood. Safety should be the first priority in this game. The door-to-door scavenger hunt can played as one of the many party games. Items needed for this game are listed below.

Rubber Band
Cereal prize
Movie Ticket
Piece of Paper
Popsicle stick
Greeting card
Compact Disc
Plastic fork
Grocery receipt
Used stamp
Paper grocery bag
Can of pop
Tea bag
Tape case
Spool of thread

Organizing a scavenger hunt is an excellent party idea. The scavenger hunt items lists provided in this article can be extended as much as possible. These hunt games are a nice way to make teen parties interesting. The hunt games can also be played at birthday parties. One can use his creativity and incorporate various ideas to make the game of scavenger hunt much more interesting.