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Funny Pranks to Play at Sleepovers That'll Have You Laughing Hard

Funny Pranks to Play at Sleepovers
Every sleepover owes its funniest of memories to the funniest of pranks. Here are a list of pranks that you can try on your friends at your sleepover this weekend!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
If your friend is one of those who sleeps with the mouth open, squeeze in some Tabasco sauce. The sleepover will surely be on fire after this!

Slumber parties and sleeping pranks, are two sides of the same coin. A slumber party cannot go without harmless pranks. They have to be done cleverly, in order to get the maximum fun out of it. Pranks don't always need great apparatus and equipment. They just require intelligent planning and even better execution.
So, if you've been looking for some funny pranks to make this weekend a laugh riot, here are some things you will need to do.

Funny Pranks To Try

While your girlfriend deep in her sleep, squeeze out some shaving cream or toothpaste on her palms. Without disturbing her sleep, brush her face with a feather or something soft. The tingling feeling, will make her scratch her face. Then have fun watching your friend smack all the stuff onto her face. The plus side of using a shaving cream is that it gives the skin a moisturizing effect.

Sleep Well
DISCLAIMER: This prank is meant for adults only and do pick a teetotaler for this.
At least one of your friend is going to be a light sleeper, so here's your chance to make him/her sleep like a baby. Before hitting the sack, mix 2 ounces of alcohol in the drink. Sit back and enjoy watching your friend bouncing off the wall. The poor thing will finally sleep like a child and wake up with high spirits (or at least, hope so)!

Funniest Prank
Slumber parties are the time that call for your weirdest imagination. While your friend is lost in the dreamworld, stealthily tie his/her limbs to the corners of the bed. The endeavor to get out of those cords will be quite a sight to behold in the morning.

This prank takes a great deal of effort. You can either use water colors or natural make up, to avoid any permanent damage. While your friend is sleeping, begin his/her hellish makeover. Be bold with colors and stick ons you choose, but do it without waking up the person. The shock your friend will get, will be worth every bit of the effort you took to pull-off this prank.

Lock Out
Make your friend sleep on a rug or on a single mattress. Drag him or her to another room, while they are in deep slumber. Lock the person in the room and then stack up all the furniture outside the door, the next morning. Wait for the yells to begin and prepare yourself for the wrath you will face, when you do finally open that door.

Disgusting One
Some pranks are the best, when they are at their worst. Slide some tomatoes in your friend's pants, while he/she is sleeping. The tomatoes will get warm due to the body heat. As the person moves, the tomatoes, will get squashed underneath and become slimy, squishy, and really messy. Wonder what state will your friend be in, when he wakes up.

Scary Movie
Take red paint or lipstick and write creepy messages on the wall while your friend is sleeping. Next, open all the windows to let the breeze in. As the curtains begin to sway with the wind, it will create the much-needed spooky effect. Next, get everybody else out of the room and scream from outside the window so that it wakes up your friend. At the same time, get another friend to flash light at the message in red. As your poor victim wakes up to this horror, make sure there is a hidden camera recording the priceless expression.

Morning Alarm
Nobody likes to wake up to a ringing alarm and this is the exact sentiment that you will have to cash-in on to make this prank a great success. Gather as many alarm clocks as you can, including your friend's cell phone. Set alarms at an ungodly hour in all the clocks, and all of them about five minutes apart. Next hide these clocks in places where your friend wouldn't be able to find in a sleepy state. For instance, under the cupboard, below the bed, on top of a dresser, behind a stack of books, and so on and so forth. The frustrated friend will have no other choice but to wake up, and join the party again!

Grudges are Good
This prank is a special dedication to a friend who loves to watch horror movies. All you got to do is climb on top of a cupboard, pull your hair in front of your face (if your hair isn't long enough, use a wig), and dress up in white, hold a torch below your face, and throw something at your peacefully sleeping friend to wake him/her up. Surely, they wouldn't dare see a horror movie after this prank is done!

This one's totally harmless! All you got to do is somehow manage to write 'GOTCHA' on your friend's forehead. When they wake up in the morning, get ready to run as fast as you can!

The most difficult part about most pranks is that they have to be done with extreme care. If the person wakes up, the whole effort is gone for a toss. Be sure you do it surreptitiously, without making your friend toss or turn.
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