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Unique Sleepover Games for Girls That Scream Fun and Enjoyment

Sleepover Games for Girls
Sleepover parties are enjoyed by girls of all ages, and games for them are an added way to make the night more interesting. You know you want to make your sleepover the best. You have the perfect food, the best drinks, and the ambiance is pleasant. But how do you entertain your friends? How can you spice up the night? Well, games are the way to go!
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
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A sleepover party is any girl's favorite. With all the gossip, teasing, pairing, and laughter, these nights are a great way to relax and enjoy. This is a very common trend nowadays, and girls of all ages enjoy these parties.
With innovation everywhere and hosts becoming more particular, sleepovers, too, have become just more than gossip nights. Obviously, no sleepover is complete without any gossip! But girls want more. From fun finger food to girly games, stay overs, now, have taken a new turn.
Sleeping Beauty
girls playing the game sleeping beauty
This game is really simple and fun. You can laugh away all you want and make all the weirdest sounds and noises possible. In this game, one girl pretends to sleep and all the others work hard to make her laugh and break her from her deep sleep.
You can sing silly songs and make up funny jokes. You can even do some fun opera to try to wake up the girl. If she does give away, she is out of the game. Play it till the end where only one girl is left who did not giggle or give away. She is then declared the "Sleeping Beauty" of the night.
Pantomime (With a Twist!)
girls enacting a piece from a moviefor her friend to guess the star cast
Here's the classic game of pantomime, but with an oh-so-girly twist to it! Divide the girls into two teams. One girl from each team will be asked by the other team to pantomime the name of a guy to her team. Set the timer to two minutes. The team has to guess the name within the two minutes. You can keep a score if you want. Spice it up by using names of crushes, movie stars, fictitious names, etc.
You can even make it humorous by giving out funny names, or nicknames, such as snugglebug, schnoogum, lapplepoo, gummybunny, etc. If the girls are too lazy to think out names, you can keep a stack ready to be used. But the challenge of coming up with something innovative to beat the opposite team adds a different element of fun to the game.
Kiss the Poster
This is a cheesy and cute game that will get all the girls giggling away with laughter. Buy a large poster of a common favorite celebrity of the girls; for example: Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, etc. Put on bright red lipstick on each of their lips. Blindfold the girls and ask them to kiss the poster.
The girl who kisses nearest to the lips wins the game. She gets to take home the poster with all the kisses as a memory to the night. Not only is it a simple game, but it will also get the girls blushing, talking, and feeling completely excited.
Freeze Dance
Put on some fun music that the girls love and get all of them dancing. The host, or any other girl, if she volunteers, can stay right next to the music system. At regular intervals, or at the girl's own whims and fancy, she will suddenly stop the music. All the other girls, who are dancing have to freeze at that very moment in whatever position they are in.
The goal is not to laugh, or move. Whoever gives away will then replace the girl at the music system. The game may go on for as long as you are comfortable. Use songs with lively beats and funny lyrics to make it an even more interesting night. End the game with a favorite song on which all the girls can dance together.
Hot Nail Polish
Have a bunch of brightly colored nail polishes ready at hand for this game. A version of the classic "Hot Potato," this game can be loads of fun. Ask the girls to form a circle and sit down. Start the music and ask them to pass around the nail polish.
Stop the music at regular intervals. Whoever has the nail polish in her hand has to paint just one nail in that color. Start the music again but with a new colored polish. Play along until everybody has colorful nails. Add in your toenails too, and make the game last longer.
Two Truths and a Lie
girls playing truth and a lie game
For this game, the girls should be sitting in a circle. Ask each person (one by one) to say three individual sentences about themselves. One has to be a lie while the other two have to be true. Mix them up in whichever way you want and confuse your friends. Everyone has to guess which is the lie. It can be a lot of fun and provides an excellent platform for the girls to get to know one another better.
Guess Who?
This is another game to help you know your friends a little more. Distribute small slips of paper to everybody. Ask each girl to write down some bizarre, or unique fact about herself in that and fold it up into a really small slip. Gather the slips from everybody and put them in a bag. Shake the bag properly.
Designate somebody to dig out chits one by one and read out loud. The other girls then have to guess who the fact is about. Apart from knowing more about your friend, this game also helps the girls to say out things that they would otherwise be shy to reveal.
Dress Up
Dress up games are a favorite among girls. Ask your mother, or elder sister (if you have one) to open up their closet to you and your friends for the sleepover. Try on all their clothes and pretend to be elders. It is exciting with loads of laughter and mischief.
You can add a twist to it by pretending to dress up as movie stars, or singers. Turn your bed into a ramp and make all your friends do the "ramp walk". Bring out the glamour doll in you with all the attitude and charm. Ask your elders to click loads of pictures as a memory to the night!
Funny Makeover
Give a girl a makeup kit and she needs nothing more! Get some kits from the store. Add in loads of nail polish choices and lipsticks, too. Sit the girls down and blindfold one of them. She will then give a makeover to another girl. After the makeover is completed, the girl with the makeover will be blindfolded and asked to do the same to another girl.
Continue in a sequence until everybody has had their funny makeover. When everyone has finished their turn, introduce a mirror in the room for girls to see themselves. Get many photos clicked and make it compulsory for them to stay with the makeup for at least an hour.

Word of Advice: Keep a large quantity of cotton, makeup remover, and a moisturizer handy. There will be lots of makeup to be cleaned off!
girls singing
Get the microphones out and start with the songs! Winning a reality show, or becoming a superstar are teenage dreams that will always be inside you, even after you grow up. Play the X-factor game and sing your heart out.
Ask an adult to be your judge, or just play for the fun of the game. Warm up your vocal cords because there will be some tough competition with each girl trying to give out her best. You can even change it into a dance competition if you want. Go the way that the girls want, and your party will be a memorable hit.
The Junkie
As a gender, girls are generally conscious about their looks and in turn, conscious about what they eat. But at the girls' night out, make it a point that you binge on all the goodies that you usually stop yourself from enjoying. Make it even more fun by turning it into a game. Take any junk food item that all the girls love. It can be candies, chocolates, chips, etc. But ice cream makes for the perfect choice above all. Buy large tubs of it, one for each girl.
If it gets too costly, you can ask them to carry their own. Sit the girls down in a circle and set the timer for four minutes. When the time starts, ask them to gobble up as much as they can and as fast as they can. If possible, serve chilled ice cream to take the competition up a notch. It is a common competition otherwise, but on a nightout with your girlfriends, it's a different experience.
Go, Get Creative
Buy many stationery items that will help make unique and creative stuff. Give them flowers, ribbons, trinkets, laces, colors, and lots of paper and glue to get creative. Let each one of them make something of their own. If you have a themed party, ask them to stick to it. You can even give them something in particular to make, such as frames, boxes, books, etc.
Get creative and let them go mad with all the stuff. At the end of it, each one of them will have a special something to take back home as a memento.
Some Handy Tips
Always make sure that all the girls are completely comfortable with the games that you decide to play at the sleepover. Be sensitive to their needs and feelings. If somebody finds a game offensive or rude, it is better to avoid it. You do not want a fight in your sleepover.
Take care that nobody gets hurt. Although none of the games involve much physical activity, many a time during dance, or pillow fights, a hand or leg may go out of place and hurt somebody. So, keep a first aid kit handy.
Lots of finger food, fizzy drinks, and water should keep your girls hydrated and energized throughout the night.
Games make your sleepover a lot more fun and help break the awkwardness for a first-time sleepover. These games are a fun way to lighten up sleepover for girls. You can even try other ideas, such as karaoke, hideout games, outdoor games, other unique dress up games, etc. Another idea would be to have unique food-cooking games, or experimenting games for those, who are ready to try something more. Choose your games with every girl in mind and you will surely have fond memories of the night. Enjoy your sleepover!
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