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Unique Ideas for Women to Have a Fun and Relaxing Spa Party!

Spa Party Ideas for Women
Thinking of a unique idea for a kitty party this month? Check out spa party ideas for women, that are truly desirable!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018
As the scorching heat of the summer burns your skin and tires you out, it is time to head out for some rejuvenating treats. But why head out, when you can have the same at home? Spa parties are incredible fun and the best way to relax in your own comfort zone, without moving an inch. Instead of traditional kitty party, throw a spa party for all your girlfriends. Making arrangements for such a party are very easy and getting together gets more meaningful with such a party. A spa party will definitely be remembered by all your girlfriends in months to come. None will be able to match this unique idea.
As this party if for invitees only, start with making an invitations for the party. The invitations should be the ones that spell surprise and invoke interest. Do not tell your guests what the kind of a party is it going to be. While making invites for this party, stick to the theme. Pastel shades with cute imprints of tiny towel, mirrors and other girly stuff.
Hiring Masseuse
As we are talking about spa party ideas for women, hire female masseuse only. Hire one masseuse for two people. Consider the kind of massages you want to offer. Not all masseuse give all types of massages. Thus, your arrangements will entirely depend on category of massages. Your spa services can vary anywhere between a pedicure to a full body massage. Keeping this in mind, you will have to call in a few nail specialists as well.
Not all masseuse carry their supplies. Hence, when you making your bookings, make sure you ask them about supplies. If you are providing only one type of spa treatment, you can get the supplies yourself. They are not very expensive and can be used later too. Additionally, you will also need massaging chairs, beds, therapists beds, a clean washing area, towels, napkins, tissues, cotton and other equipment for this spa treat the perfect one for your friends. Add a bit of swank to your spa treatment by including a steam room. You will easily find a collapsible steam unit in the market. Buy one or hire one to make your party unforgettable.
Food and Drinks
No party is ever complete without food and drinks. As it is a day to relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your body, have a food menu that supports the cause. Healthy food such as salads, fresh juices, herbal teas, low fat muffins and whole wheat cookies will make the perfect menu for this day. Exclude alcohol completely as it would defeat the purpose and add to your expenses unnecessarily. Instead, to satiate the sinful craving serve cubes of dark chocolates. They contain antioxidants that make you younger and youthful.
Party Favors
Party favors are small items to remember the party by. It is a token of a time well spent and a moments to be cherished forever. As theme is spa, loofahs, small scrubs, aromatherapy candles, soaps or burn a CD with relaxing music so that your friends can have the same experience at home. Body scrubs, lotions and soaps can all be made at home, in case you want to save on your cost.
You can also include a few party games. While you make plans for this party, chalk out a budget too. A cost estimation will guide to make your decisions about spending in a wise manner. Lastly, let fun and relaxation dictate your party as you surrender to beauty treatments.
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