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Trivia Games for Parties

Trivia Games for Parties to Entertain Your Guests

Trivia games at parties are a great way to drive away boredom, keep the guests occupied in a constructive and entertaining manner and also help in ensuring that everyone has a good time, regardless of whether they know each other or not. In this article, we have some ideas for the different types of trivia games that can be organized at parties.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Parties can turn out to be quite disastrous if the entertainment is not well planned. People either get bored and leave within a short time or they linger in expectation that something worthwhile will happen at the party, and then leave. An awesome way to drive this boredom away is to have some fun and knowledgeable trivia games at parties. I know what you're thinking: who'd want to sit and play a trivia game at a party? Trust me, if you use a little creativity and know your crowd well, the trivia games will be a hit! Just check out the ones in this PartyJoys article to know what I'm talking about!
Fashion Trivia
Every girl's dream game! If you and your girls have planned a sleepover, and need some ideas for a really girly game, then have some interesting fashion trivia games planned. They could be identification of designers, brands, prices, locations of stores, signature styles, etc. Anything that revolves around fashion can be turned creatively into a fashion trivia question! So form a quiz and have some really girly fun!
Movie Trivia
Nothing spells more fun at a party than some interesting trivia games revolving around our favorite topic: Hollywood! Organize your party in a complete Hollywood manner and ask guests to dress up like celebrities if you wish. For games, you can have a wide choice from charades with movie names to quizzes about specific movies or movie stars. You can also have a game in which each guest says a dialog from a particular movie and the opposite team has to guess the actor and the movie. Another game around movies is one in which you can ask the guests to change endings of popular movies. Read out all of them and you'll all have a great time laughing.
Food Trivia
If you're organizing a party with people who are all interested in food, cooking or eating, you can organize a Masterchef style game wherein you can have teams and have different rounds testing their food knowledge. Have them cook, identify by smell and taste various ingredients and also have general food related questions for a rapid fire round. Have a food trivia quiz only if you're sure that the people attending it are actually interested in it.
Art Trivia
Another great idea for trivia games for parties is one revolving around different arts. Again, you need to make sure that the people attending the party are all interested in art and have a reasonable amount of knowledge pertaining to it. You can really experiment with this one. Have different handicrafts displayed and ask people to describe the procedure of making it. You can also have slide shows with artwork of famous artists and ask people to name the artist. Once they name the artist, proceed to ask them simple trivia questions about that artist and his or her style of work.
Book Trivia
Here comes the biggie! If you've organized a party for your book club, then there's nothing more fun than having some interested quizzes related to the books that you've read. So, pick a book for everyone to read or a book that you know everyone has read. Form a detailed quiz of different exciting rounds like a rapid fire, a buzzer round, a multiple option round, etc. pertaining to the plot, the author, the story, the characters and other aspects of that particular book. You can also have a general book quiz about books that are very popular and most likely read by a majority of the guests.
Geography Trivia
Knowing your surroundings could win you a prize at a party that has a geography trivia game for entertainment. Geography is quite a broad term. So, the first thing you need to do is pick the location or area that you're going to be asking the questions about. To make it trickier, choose a very small radius around where you live. People generally know about national and international geography, and conveniently overlook simple things like the name of the street with the supermarket, or the number of parks and names of trees in the area where they live. So ask such tricky questions and you'll not only have fun, but you'll also enhance their observation skills.
Trivia games at parties help in livening up the atmosphere and also to break the ice between people who are meeting for the first time. They enhance the knowledge of the people present, give them something to laugh about and also provide immense entertainment. What else do you need from a game at a party?
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