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You'll No Longer Be Naive About the Spin the Bottle Game Rules

Spin the Bottle Rules
Planning to include a spin-the-bottle game in your party, but do not know how to play it? Read on to know the rules to make it even spicier and fun.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
For someone who is a veteran in attending parties, a spinning bottle game is nothing new. Right from parties conducted by a bunch of middle school teens to an adult party, games such as this are a must to be included, to make the atmosphere lively and fun. If you are new to the party circuit, and have no clue about the rules of this game, note that this is not for the shy, conservative kinds. If you are someone who loves adventure and likes to experiment in life, only then, go ahead and attend a party where this game is being played. If by chance, you are hosting a party and planning to include this game in it, given below are the rules, to help you plan it in the most fun and innovative way.
This game should ideally be played in a group of six or more people, because anything lesser than that would not be so much fun. The group should be a mix of both the genders. Besides the participants, the only other thing needed to play this game is an empty glass bottle, preferably a beer bottle.
Standard Game
  • The first rule is to always have the participants sit in a circle, with the bottle kept in the middle. Ask someone to spin the bottle.
  • Now comes the fun part: once the bottle stops, the person towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed will be kissed by the person who rotated it. Neither of them can refuse to do this.
  • However, if both people are of the same gender, or if the bottle points towards the same person who rotated it, it has to be rotated again.
  • Once the two participants have kissed, the one towards whom the mouth of the bottle was pointing, will restart the game. This game will be fun for everybody, only if all the people in the circle have kissed at least once. So, continue to play until this happens.
Variations In Rules
To make this game more interesting, introduce a few more rules.
  • You can make a rule that if two people are kissing for the second time, they have to increase the intensity of the kiss. If the first one was just a light kiss, then the second one will have to be with the tongue, and so on. However, make sure to tell everybody about these rules, before beginning to play so that nobody feels uncomfortable later on.
  • If you want to play the game differently, then a variation can be to play a truth or dare game. After spinning the bottle, the spinner can ask a really intimate and personal question to the person towards whom the bottle is pointed. The other person can either answer this question, or perform a dare.
  • Another variation is that the person towards whom the bottle of the mouth is pointing, has to take off any of his clothing items. The game can be played as long as the people in the group feel comfortable.
This unique game is sure to be liked by your guests, provided you explain the rules very clearly before beginning. By making sure that there are no two relatives playing this game, telling everybody the rules beforehand, and by finding your own creative ways to add spice to this game, one can have fun at any age with this adventurous game.
Group of friends playing spin the bottle at the beach