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Mascot Ideas

Rejuvenate Your Cheerful Events With These Amazing Mascot Ideas

When you have a tournament in school or a party at a friend's place, wouldn't you like to have a mascot? If you're out of ideas for occasions like these, take a look at the following PartyJoys article.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Mascots are known to be certain characters like cartoons of animals, or people who serve the purpose of symbolizing a particular banner or an event. They can be absolutely anything you want them to be, as they are personifications of the occasion that is being held. You can have mascots for a sports tournament, a school team, a brand which sponsors certain events and parties, or simply a personal birthday party. They can be funny, unique as well as strong, depending upon the quality of what he is supposed to stand for. There are many ideas that people come up with, and they are actually only costumes worn by ordinary men and women.
Mascots are great to have as they make the events and function very informal and fun. They are great for kids, as they get very fascinated with their unique, colorful, and furry costumes. If you are organizing such an event, make sure your mascot is related to the motive of the event. Scroll down and take a look at some very interesting personifications.
School Mascots
In school, there are many occasions and events like sports tournaments, painting competitions, spell bees, elections, and other school activities when you can have mascots. They are supposed to be funny and cute looking, so they attract the attention of the crowd as well as the children.
Team Mascots
For teams in schools like the baseball, soccer, and basketball, there are many ideas. Animals are the best ideas for any mascots, as they can be personified very well. Thus, if you live in a small town, and there is a particular animal which is widely found in your town, that will definitely be the best choice.
Some ideas include:
  • Cardinal
  • Bobcat
  • Bulldog
  • Cougar
  • Bee
  • St. Bernard
  • Golden Eagle
  • Ordinary Eagle
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Bronco
  • Owl
  • Ram
  • Falcon
  • Panther
  • Bear
  • Bison
Work Mascots
For the corporate world, funny is not the only quality the mascot needs to show. Since these are for grown ups and not for kids, they can be anything other than animals. Though animals can be a choice, but human characters should be preferred. Nature characters like a smiling sun, a fluffy cloud, or a tree, can also be some of your options.
Some more human and other ideas can be:
  • Cowboy
  • Spartan
  • Knight
  • Rocket
  • Rebel
  • Tornado
  • Indian
  • Pirate
  • Trojan
  • Viking
  • Redman
  • Blue Devil
Along with those corporate ideas, there can be objects which can also be used as the same. Juice and drink cans, glasses, coffee mugs, pencils, notebooks, writing boards, baseball bats, soccer balls, eatables like pizzas and hot dogs, etc., are unique and creative ideas. They can be used for the promotion of certain products as well, like whichever the company is selling or purchasing. There are many more ideas, which you can come up with keeping your event and brand name in mind. As mentioned earlier, mascots make the entire event very informal and ease out the visitors, they are also used to increase the crowds at a particular event.
Thus, these ideas can be used for any kind of occasion. So, have fun picking out your mascot ideas from the ones mentioned above.
Blue Devil Head
Viking Warrior
Trojan Stance
Pirate Head
Indian Chief Mascot
Cartoon Tornado
Knight with Sword
Spartan Warrior
Cowboy cartoon
American Bison
Bear cartoon mascot
Stylized Panther
Falcon Bird
ram mascot
Owl Mascot
Bronco mascot
Tiger Cub
Lion Running
Eagle Thumbs Up
Golden Eagle
Bernard dog
Bee Team Mascot
bulldog head
Cardinal bird
Happy Tiger