Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

The best part of planning a wedding, is the thrill of a bachelor party in the pipeline. Let's burrow into ideas to host a bachelor party, that are both fun and memorable...
PartyJoys Staff
A bachelor or bachelorette party for that matter, are organized and thrown by the bridal party to have one last night of monumental madness, that both the groom and the bride individually enjoy. Usually the people present at these two separate events are those that are on the guest list specifically, where putting it together is in the hands of those assisting the bride and groom during the wedding. The best time to throw a party for the groom is at least two nights before his big day, since a night of not-so-sober antics needs at least a one day gap of recuperation.
There are different ways you can approach the idea of throwing a bachelor's party, where you can be quite creative in your approach, keeping of course that element of surprise and fun intact. From the upcoming suggestions on ideas to host a bachelor party, you can be sure that there will be no stone unturned when it comes to catering to all the groom's needs.
How to Organize a Bachelor Party for the Groom
A bachelor party has certain essentials that are sine qua non like alcohol, great food, all guests accounted for and the perfect venue. Like I mentioned earlier, a bachelor party should be thrown at least two days before the wedding day. The best way to know what ground to cover, is to make a checklist of what needs to be done a week prior to the bachelor party, if it doesn't include a getaway. In that way, you are well sort out in advance about the nitty-gritty details of what has to be done, to avoid confusion and delays. Get together with the rest of the bridal team to chalk out a list of friends and others who are to be invited for the bachelor's party. Assign tasks to each one, so that the process speeds up and is completed within the set time before the scheduled party date. Check out these ideas that you can use as a part of the plan.
Planning His Favorite Thing to Do Round up the guests of the party, and have everyone figure out a way to put together something he loves to do - either he hasn't done it in a while, or not yet. What is in store for him there can be a huge surprise waiting to happen, or an event scheduled that you know he will absolutely go bonkers over. Be it a concert, sporting event, a masquerade or a plan that includes an extravagant hotel room with a to-die-for view - make sure you have all the important details (like tickets/bookings/reservations) covered so that the plan runs its course smoothly.
A Massive Bachelor Bash To rent out a hall and throw a party is a piece of cake, but of course, it will take a lot of time to execute one, unless you have all the party objectives covered - keep different people in charge of the catering, decorating, music, seating area, games and so on, so that by delegating these different responsibilities, you are sure to have it all work out as planned and instructed. Someone needs to take charge of the entire setup, so get in touch with the groom's best friend(s), who of course is the best man/groomsmen
An Eye-Popping Affair What could be more fun than slipping out-of-town to experience something different and far away from the familiar? For those who want to really give the groom the time of his life, have everyone agree to take a trip out of the country, to a place where fun is a way of life, more than a purpose for entertainment. There are some pretty whack parties out there, that qualify as a bachelor party destination, so do your research about when/where these are happening. Even if it is a week or more, away from the wedding, go for it - the important part is doing something different for the groom. There's the Glastonbury Music Festival, Calgary Stampede, Full Moon Party, Sunburn Goa, La Tomatina, Rio Carnival, Kanamara (Big Metal Phallus) Festival, and the like.
Old-Fashioned House Party To keep it simple and straightforward, you can host a party in a spacious apartment (or penthouse), enough to accommodate all guests. It can of course be a surprise for the groom, where it wouldn't hurt to maybe hire a professional dancer to entertain the groom on his one last night of debauchery. Include his favorite appetizers at the party, a bar of the best alcohol, and get a hold of a good DJ too. Keep a good stock of anything that could possibly run out, since these kinds of parties usually need the extra.

These suggestions on throwing a bachelor party will no doubt have the groom experiencing the time of his life with those he is close to, and loves. Be sure to have everything in the works before the day arrives, since pre-planning the bachelor's party will eliminate room for mishaps.