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Noteworthy Tips for the Groom to Survive a Bachelor Party

Tips to Survive a Bachelor Party
Bachelor party can be a great opportunity for the groom to spend time with his pals have some fun. But let the fun get out of control, and you might land in a place from where you can't find your way back home! Here are a few tips to survive a bachelor party.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
A bachelor party, is a party arranged by the best man for the groom and his friends on the eve of the wedding. The main idea of a bachelor party is to have an all-guys night out, along with the groom, and have fun and celebrate. However, many of the activities that men engage in at a bachelor party are outside the common activities that mark a party. Quite a few of these activities are also hazing-like activities that are supposed to mark the transition of an ordinary man into a married man, or the transition of a man from a carefree bachelor to a responsible husband.

Due to the nature of a typical bachelor party, chances are good that guys have a little too much fun for their own good. If you are looking for ways to have an exciting bachelor party and yet not end up like Phil, Stu and Alan from The Hangover, continue reading.
How to Survive a Bachelor Party
Wine tasting event
What? - Drinking
Why? - You don't want to wake up and not know where you are and miss your own wedding, do you?
How? - Set a drinking budget. Set a time limit as well. You can even play a game to find out just how drunk you are. It is your bachelor party, so you must thoroughly know all the guys attending it. Who gets drunk the earliest? How much does it take to get whom drunk? Accordingly, you can set some way in which you determine just how drunk you are; like, if you see three glasses in place of one, it is time to get back home!
Tell Her!
Couple having drinks
What? - All that you plan to do
Why? - Just in case things go wrong, there should be at least one person who knows everything. Also, better you tell her than she find out.
How? - Call her up at least 2 days in advance. Better still, meet up with her. You can leave out the gory details (!) but tell her the basic plan; bullet-points. Something like - "We are going to the pub, then gonna book a room, have some guy fun and be back by ___ hrs." If she presses for details, smile, give her a nice long kiss and say "Sorry"! If she gets specific and asks questions like "Are you guys going to call a stripper?" or "Are you all going to smoke up?" be honest and just reply in 'Yes' and 'No'. Don't offer details, but don't refuse them either. She is going to be your partner, she deserves to know.
Online search concept
What? - A car
Why? - Just in case you all get horribly drunk, or simply if you do not want to drive after such an awesome party.
How? - There are many agencies who offer cars for rent. Most of them have websites you can check out. There are many advantages of doing this. First, there will be no incidence of drunken-driving. You will all reach home safe and sound. You can, for one night, have the car of your dreams. Don't forget to give the driver your addresses and contact numbers though, and give him an emergency contact number as well.
Drugs word in newspaper
What? - Drugs and Sex
Why? - Because one leaves you zombie-ed, and the other might just leave you diseased?
How? - No spiking drinks, no smoking up, and stripper remains on the dance floor. If you can manage to do that, you are good to go. If you absolutely must have your last shag before you 'lose your freedom' and all that jazz, at least make sure you play it safe. Use protection. Take all the necessary health precaution, and make sure none of your buddies has installed a pinhole camera in your hotel room!
What? - The Hangover
Why? - To know how you DON'T want to end up!
How? - With your head on your shoulders and in working condition, devoid any external influence of alcohol or anything else! I know everyone enjoyed that movie a lot, even I did. But seriously - truth is stranger than fiction. Maybe the movie was exaggerated, but you never know; you might just end up like that if you are not careful! Besides, that was a movie, this is real life; you might just NOT have an Alan who will earn you $80,000 so you can pay off Mr. Chow.
As long as you take care of the above things, you are good to go. By the way, not really connected, but I would like to add, a bachelor party should be fun and wild, yes. But getting married is not the end of the world. Keep that in mind, and I am sure you will have only as much fun as you can handle!