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Scary Night: Awesome Tips to Plan the Perfect Horror Movie Party

Tips to Plan a Horror Movie Party
Looking for some thrills and chills? A horror movie party may be just the thing you need to get your heart racing and your pulse dropping and a cold beady sweat on your forehead and a rush of adrenaline! Find out here how you can plan the scariest horror movie party!
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
So you and your pals decide to have a get-together with a twist. Instead of everyone laughing and cracking jokes, you decide to spook things up a little bit! A horror movie party can be a nice break from the regular get-togethers that one tends to have. Getting terrified, petrified, scared out of your wits, is an experience in itself. Only when you do not plan it does it become something unpleasant. But a horror movie party is bound to be fun, even if you end up wetting your pants!
There are some really cool things you can do to convert an ordinary horror movie party into something extra, something fun. A horror movie party needs a lot of efforts to create the atmosphere. Here are 7 tips on how you can do just that.
7 Tips to Plan the Wackiest Horror Movie Party
My first and foremost tip would be to plan a night party. Horror movies are no fun if seen in broad daylight... I mean it! A horror movie party has to be a night party, and preferably with the lights out while you are watching the movie. Having said that, here are 7 sensational tips to make your horror party the experience of a lifetime!
Decorate the Place
Halloween scene
This is probably the most important thing. Decorate the room you all will be watching the movie in with all kinds of theme based decorations. You could have skulls hanging from the ceiling. You could even use a skull-model as a makeshift lamp-shade! You can have ropes, knives, maybe even spray a little bit of red color on the walls (ask Mommy) and make it look like blood stains.
Make it a Costume Party!
Spooky halloween party
Have your guests come over dressed as ghosts! They can be vampires, spirits, witches, all kinds of things! As we grow up, we kinda forget how much we used to love the fancy dress competitions in school, and how we used to love playing dress-up at home. A costume party can be a fun way to revisit and relive the old times and will add to creating the atmosphere.
Welcome Guests with a Prank!
Evil girl
This is bound to drag your guests into the mood and spirit of the party the minute they step inside your house! You could have couple of people hide behind a door and 'Boo!' your guests as they come in. No matter how ridiculous that sounds, it always works, ALWAYS! The main aim should be at startling your guest here, rather than scaring them. It will act like a teaser, before the actual movie begins...!
Carry the Theme to the Dinner Table
Halloween Dinner Table
Now no matter what you do as a host, it would be expected you don't play any pranks at the dinner table. But why shouldn't you? The best way to scare your guests at the dinner table would be to leave things under vessels, or in between the stack of plates. You could leave a couple of battery operated spiders, or maybe fake bones in between the napkin folds. You could also keep a touch/pressure sensitive player that will go off if the pressure is lifted off it, or if it is touched accidentally. You can record a high-pitched, shrill scream and have it play!
The Before and After Talk
Halloween like
Get your guests involved in creating the mood. Have a story-telling session before and/or after the movie. Ask your guests to narrate their experiences, or those of people they know. Did they ever spot a ghost? Did they ever have a supernatural experience? Was anyone of them ever a witness to an act of poltergeist? And then you can quietly pop another question... "Hey what was that? Did you hear that? Oh there, look! Behind you!"
An Unknown Guest
Witch with glass
You can choose to make one of your guests your partner in crime! You can keep the guest as a surprise - do not tell the rest of them that he/she is going to come. And then you can actually have that guest pull off some practical jokes on your guests. You can start by hiding some belonging of one of your guests. Then ask your surprise guest to lead a trail. The trail would end up on a (fake) dead body of the surprise guest. And then your surprise guest just quietly gets up, opens his/her eyes, rises and starts walking towards your guests, as if he/she were possessed!
And of course... Pick the Right Movie
Watching Scary TV Show
Not everybody is scared of/by the same things. Make sure you do your homework. Find out what your friends find scary, frightening, and try to pick a movie that has most (if not all) of these elements. You can choose some of the latest horror movies or you may even opt for the classic horrors. If you all already have been wanting to watch a particular movie, nothing like it. If it is going to be a surprise for your guests, well, nothing like that either; for then you are in total control!
I hope these tips will help you plan the perfect horror movie party (oh how I would love to be there and see the reactions of your guests!). However, you are at the risk of some serious hitting and abusing from your guests for scaring them so bad! So finally, here are some tips for you as a host: keep some ear plugs at hand; keep the telephone directory at hand in case of an emergency (some of your guests may be faint-hearted and may actually end up fainting too; play it safe and be prepared); and DO NOT mention my name or say I gave you these ideas!
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