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Treasure Hunt Ideas That'll Steal the Show With Their Ingenuity

Treasure Hunt Ideas
No matter what age we are, we all love to participate in a treasure hunt. Planning a treasure hunt can be as exciting as participating in it! All you need is your creativity.
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Children looking at map
The term 'treasure hunt' is synonymous with excitement! We all have participated in this game at some or the other point in our life, and all of us, no matter what age we are at, love the fun and excitement in it. We all love participating in such games, but when it comes to organizing it, most of us may find it challenging. It does not have to be so. All you need is your creativity and imagination to come up with treasure hunt ideas that will make it a highly enjoyable affair!
Treasure hunt is a common party game which can be arranged anytime and anywhere! It's best to arrange it by keeping in mind the age of the guests or participants. Treasure game ideas for preschoolers should include four or five simple clues, with either directions, or preferably with pictures to help. On the other hand, ideas for children in their tweens should be a little more elaborate, with coded clues or riddles. What will be even more fun for children is, making them work in teams, so that everyone feels that they have a part to play in the game!
Treasure games are so popular because of their versatility. They can be adapted to any location and surrounding. They can be arranged for a few minutes, a few hours, or even an entire day. And the best part is, that they can be created to fit any theme or occasion as needed.
Treasure Map
A treasure hunt will be incomplete without a treasure map. While you can make a treasure map out of paper and ink, to make it look more authentic, you can take a parchment paper (the kind that was used to make maps in the good old days) and use a paintbrush to draw the map. You can also make a few burn marks with a lighter. If you are leaving clues at each location, then you can do the same thing to each piece of paper.
Ideas for Treasure Hunt
There are a myriad of ways to arrange a treasure hunt. To make it interesting, try giving it a theme. The theme can be based on anything, or any movie you like, for example: Pirates, Indiana Jones, the Mummy, Mission Impossible, or Disney movies for children. The following are a few hunt ideas that are interesting and fun:
Basic Treasure Hunt
The typical treasure hunt is one which is based at a single location. Whether it is inside your home, or a park, or even a baseball field, you can spread the clues in the form of riddles. For example, when in a park, the first clue could be a treasure hunt riddle, like - 'locate the dirt ship with one large wheel, which will also be useful to you to carry the treasure you steal'. The answer is the wheel barrow, and you could put the next clue somewhere near it.
Car Rally
In this kind of treasure hunt, the participants are grouped, and each group drives in a car from one location to another. You can include various locations all over the city, but make sure you do not choose locations which are very far away, or they will end up driving most of the time! To select locations, think of places which signify something, like a favorite hangout or a landmark of the city etc. This will indeed be something absolutely unforgettable, making it one of the coolest treasure hunt ideas for birthday parties.
Seven Location Meal
In this treasure hunt idea, the participants will partake in a seven course seven different locations! Each course i.e. the soup, salad, entrée, dessert, coffee etc., will be served at previously undisclosed locations. At each location, the participant will get a clue for the next location after he has finished a part of the meal. This can be an interesting concept for valentines day. You should call your partner at one location, enjoy one course, and then excuse yourself to go to the restroom and disappear! You can then ask one of the waiters to give him the next clue for the next location where you will be waiting for him! Indeed a night to remember!
You can use your creativity to come up with one that suits your occasion or theme. Make sure that the treasure found should be as exciting as the hunt, and that the treasure should be in continuation with the theme. So go ahead and use your creativity to come up with a treasure hunt that will transport the participants into an Indiana Jones movie!