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Exciting Truth or Dare Questions for Kids to Unlock All the Fun

Truth or Dare Questions For Kids
Truth or Dare is one of the most enjoyed party games among kids. As secrets are shared, children enjoy this game, and more often than not, they bond over it.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
truth or dare
Write down some mildly embarrassing and funny questions on index cards and put them in a box. This will be your box of 'Truth' questions. The questions must be funny and should dig deep at times. The other will be a box of 'Dares' which are some funny tasks or things, that are suggested to be done. The 'Dares' should be funny as a rule and most importantly, the person pulling them off should enjoy them too. Ask everyone playing the game, to choose between truth or dare.
What is the question that you do not want anyone to ask you in this game?
If you were marooned on an island with just a single person, who would you like it to be?
If you woke up one day and notice that you are invisible, then what will be the first thing you would like to do?
What was the nastiest joke you ever played on someone?
If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
Have you peed in a pool?
What is the strangest dream you've ever had?
Who do you have a crush on?
What do you like the most about everyone in the room?
Have you ever lied to a teacher and what was it about?
Which superhero do you dig the most?
Do you sneak snacks when your Mom isn't looking?
What's the dumbest thing you ever said or did, around a boy/girl you liked?
Have you ever had a crush on your friend's boyfriend?
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
What was your most embarrassing farting moment?
Which Harry Potter character would you like to be and why?
What is the most annoying thing on Earth for you?
Would you rather have a pet, or a sibling?
Which are the funniest words you know?
Who is your imaginary friend?
If Aladdin's genie were to visit you, what would be your three wishes?
What would be your new name, if you were allowed to choose one?
When was the last time you were bored out of your brains?
What is your secret superpower?
If you get hold of a time machine, 'when' would you like to go?
Would you rather be a princess or a mermaid?
Who is your best friend in the whole wide world?
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Grab anybody on the street and ask ' How could you?' with a lot of emotion.
Dance like a crazy on your favorite song.
Run around wearing socks on your hands, pants for a shirt, and a shirt for pants, for 3 minutes.
Say the pledge of allegiance in your most hated teacher's voice.
Run down your neighbor's lawn in pajamas.
After everything you say add "Whoa ... I'm good!" for the next 15 minutes.
Ask a neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.
What is one annoying habit of each person in the room?
Stand in your front yard, wave and say 'Hi!' to everyone you see.
Moonwalk across the room.
Call your crush and sing "I can't help falling in love with you" to him/her.
Pretend hosts dog (pet) is your crush and ask him out on a date.
Pretend that you are underwater for the next 10 minutes.
Act like a gorilla for one minute.
Say the alphabet, backwards.
Repeat this without an error, 10 times in a row: 'Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?'
Do an impression of your Dad or Mom.
Act as if time is going backwards and somebody hit a rewind button.
Every Truth or Dare game is fun, as it helps know friends better and brings you closer, while also ensuring loads of fun in the process.