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Crazy Rules for the Waterfall Drinking Game to Play at a Booze-up

Waterfall Drinking Game Rules
The Waterfall Drinking game is a popular college game that requires 4 or more players to participate. However, the more the merrier.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you."
― F. Scott Fitzgerald
They say a party gets better with every sip. And what better way to get socializing than to play a drinking game! All you need is a group of four or more people willing to play, a deck of cards, and alcohol of you choice. Remember though, any strong liquor will bring an early end to the game, and would increase the risk of vomiting, alcohol poisoning, or will leave you with a massive hangover. Therefore, beers or mixed drinks are highly recommended, so that this fun game can be enjoyed to the maximum, and also everyone stays safe.

Now, we all know that no game is fun without a few rules that every team or participant needs to follow. Especially, if breaking a rule involves drinking as punishment.
How to Play
  1. Remove the Joker from the deck and shuffle the cards.
  2. Place the deck face-down and spread the cards on the table.
  3. Sit around the table in a way that it's easier to know who goes next.
  4. Decide who goes first and whether you choose to go clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  5. Fill up your drinking cups and get ready to have some fun.
  6. The person who has decided to play first randomly picks a card. Remember to always flip the card over so everyone else can see it.
  7. The game ends when the deck finishes.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules
Now that you know how simple it is to play this game, here are some rules to playing it. This will give every player a chance to pick a card and get high, or get someone else high.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Aces
This is a very important card. Everyone begins drinking along with the player who draws this card. When the drawer stops drinking, only one player to his or her right can choose to stop drinking. When the player on the right stops drinking, the next player on his/her right can stop drinking, and it continues till everyone has stopped drinking.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Twos
The person who draws this card gives any player 2 drinks to have.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Threes
The person who draws this card has 3 large gulps.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Fours
When a four card is drawn, all girls take a drink.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Fives
The person across from the person who picked this card has a drink.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Six
All the boys take a drink.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Seven
The drawer of this card sends 7 gulps to any player(s). The gulps can be divided amongst the players, but the combination has to add up to seven.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Seven
The person who draws this card will choose one person from the group who will drink with him/her whenever it's time for the drawer to drink.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Nine
The person who picks this card makes up a phrase. The person after him/her makes up another that will rhyme with the previous phrase. This goes on till someone fails to rhyme, pauses to think or repeats a rhyming word. That person has to drink.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Ten
The player who draws this card plays a round of 'I've never'.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Jack
Everyone starts drinking, till the person who drew this card is done drinking.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - Queen
The person who draws this card gets to ask any question to anyone. If the player laughs or does not respond or asks why, he or she has to drink three large gulps.
Waterfall Drinking Game Rules - King
The drawer gets to make up a rule that every player has to follow. If the rule is disliked by other players, it can be canceled only by drawing another King.
Things to Remember
  • If you pick a Queen, try not asking very personal or hurtful questions. It might spoil the mood of the game and bring a premature end to it. You can even lose your friend this way.
  • Try not giving more than 3 - 4 gulps to anyone, as it may affect the drinker.
  • Do not use words like drunk, drink, or drank.
  • Do not curse or use abusive language.
  • You could even change the rules a little or make up new ones. But remain cautious not to be over-ambitious and cause any health problems to you or other players.
Games are fun, and even drinking can be fun. Adding them together is a riot waiting to happen for one and all. Drink cautiously and end the game if you or any other player gets uncomfortable. And of course, make sure no one who is high is driving later on. Be safe!