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Top 10 Evite Alternatives You Must Try Now

Top 9 Efficient Alternatives for Evite That You Must Try NOW!

Are you planning a party and looking out for an efficient option other than Evite for sending out your invites? This PartyJoys article provides a list of Evite alternatives you can try.
Deepa Karandikar
Last Updated: Nov 05, 2019
Did You Know?

1,484,000 event invites are sent out through Facebook every 20 minutes.

You have to do a lot of preparations if you are hosting a party, the major part being sending invitations. You have to choose the right invitation card, an RSVP card, and also a map that provides directions to the venue. A lot of paper is required for this. If you are sending the invitations by post, it is going to be a slow process. To make things quicker, you can leverage the power of the Internet to send invitations with just a few clicks! An online invitation is not only environment-friendly as it saves paper, but it is also fast and efficient.

Evite is a site that pioneered the concept of sending invitations online. However now, it is found to be slow. It also has a lot of advertisements. There are many other sites that offer better user experience. We present a list of best Evite alternatives.

9 Professional Evite Alternatives

Name: Punchbowl

How it Helps: Punchbowl will not only help you to send invitations for a party, but the site will also guide in planning it step by step, from start to finish! When you begin, you have to answer a small questionnaire stating the specifics of the party, and then you get a list of suggestions about the invitations. They also offer invites inspired by Disney. You can monitor your guests' replies and know who has accepted the invitation and who can't make it. If you are hosting a potluck party, all the invitees can decide what to bring by signing up. You can also shop for party supplies, decorations, and favors. It can be integrated with your mailbox and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. You can import contacts from multiple mailboxes and make your guest list, and you can even send invitations through Facebook and Twitter. On the Message Board, you and your invitees can discuss the party. With all these cool features, Punchbowl is a great tool to plan a party!

Visit Here: Punchbowl

Name: Celebrations (earlier known as Pingg)

How it Helps: Celebrations has templates for popular occasions like birthdays and weddings. You can make changes to these templates to suit your needs and create your invite. You can send these invites through social networking sites, email, or via post. You can also manage and keep a track of your guests' responses. The great part is all these steps are provided on a single page!

Visit Here: Celebrations

Name: Facebook

How it Helps: You can send invitations for your party through Facebook as well. To do so, you have to create an event, and then select who you want to invite from your friends' list. A notification goes to all the selected people. You can either choose to send the invite privately or publicly. Sending invitations is very quick and easy as most of the people are on Facebook these days. We can see the status of every guest; we can know who is coming and who is not. This information proves useful to the host for planning the party.

Visit Here: Facebook

Name: PurpleTrail

How it Helps: PurpleTrail offers themes for creating invites in various categories. This site offers a lot of customization options for you to choose from. You can customize every aspect of your online invitation card―add your own message, photo, and embellishment. Online invitations can be sent free of cost plus there are no advertisements. When you are planning an event, you can ask your guests for suggestions about the time and place. The website also offers a paid service in which your invitations can be printed and shipped to your guests.

Visit Here: PurpleTrail

Name: Smilebox

How it Helps: Smilebox is a digital invitation service that lets you add music and animations to your invites. You can also choose to use your own pictures. You can create collages, Facebook covers, and slideshows. It provides you with the option to share your creation through email and Facebook. It can also be printed or saved for later use. There are limited designs in the basic service, whereas you can get access to a host of other features for a fee.

Visit Here: Smilebox

Name: Anyvite

How it Helps: Anvyvite lets you create online invitations not only digitally, but you can also inform your guests about an event via SMS. It also provides Twitter integration. You can sell tickets and collect money from your guests through this site while you are making invitations. You can allow your guests to invite friends and also set the maximum number of people they can invite. You can even send an open invitation. For this, they provide a link that you can share. They have an event reminder option, which lets you specify how many days in advance the reminder has to be sent. It can be sent to the guests who have replied mentioning that they are attending and also to those who have not yet replied.

Visit Here: Anyvite

Name: Sendomatic

How it Helps: Sendomatic has a number of invitation templates to suit different occasions. You can customize them and send advertisement-free invites, but a fee is charged for it. You can also choose to manually email or post the event link on Facebook. Once the invitations are done, managing responses is easy. All your information can be exported to an Excel file. You can inform your guests about any changes pertaining to the event date, venue, etc. There is also an option to send reminders. The invitees can remind themselves by syncing the event with Microsoft Outlook, iCal, Yahoo!, or Google Calendar. They also provide the functionality of selling event tickets and accepting the money. If you are organizing a potluck, they provide an option to decide who shall bring what.

Visit Here: Sendomatic

Name: Paperless Post

How it Helps: What makes Paperless Post remarkable are the beautiful designs it offers for your invitations. You can select the card design you like and then enter your text accordingly. Next, you can send the card to any number of people and track their RSVP status just like other online invitation sites. If you want to avail the service for free, the maximum people you can send the card to is 500. Whereas if you opt for the premium designs, then you have to purchase through what they call as Coins. Paid mailings have a limit of 15,000 recipients. You can edit sent cards, change event details, and also reschedule or cancel events. A cool feature this site offers is Photo Gallery. It is private and free. This feature enables you to share the photos of your event with your guests. You can also have your cards printed and shipped to your address for a fee. But the cards are shipped only within the US.

Visit Here: Paperless Post

Name: Guestboard

How it Helps: If you’re looking for more than just a pretty invitation, Guestboard offers a suite of free tools to manage the guests of an event and help everyone communicate and plan effectively. Great for cutting down on back and forth emails for group retreats, bachelor/ette parties, festivals, and other events that require a little more than “just showing up”. To create your board, simply choose a splash background, fill out your event information, and send out your invites via email or a shareable link. You’ll get a detailed view of each guest’s RSVP, and be able to make announcements, show an event schedule, share important documents/links, and help everyone stay on the same page both before and during the event. Guestboard is completely private and free for guest lists under 25 people, but to accommodate a group of up to 2,000(!) you’ll need to purchase Guestboard credits, which are deducted as a guest joins the board. Unused credits can be rolled over into future events at no charge.

Visit Here: Guestboard

With these professional Evite alternatives, organizing a party can now be easy and super fun.