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What Dress Should You Wear to a Gala?

Have an uber-chic gala to attend? PartyJoys has compiled a few clothing options and tips that will create a perfect and gorgeous look for your upcoming event.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Hair, Makeup, and Nails
Hire a professional and experienced hairstylist and makeup artist to assist you for the night. However, if the budget is tight, tie your hair in an updo and pick either your lips or eyes to highlight.
A gala is all about the glitz and glamor, which pretty much tells you everything you need to know about dressing for an event. And since the evening demands a formal attire for the guests, an old little black dress just won't cut it.

Instead of worrying about your wardrobe being lackluster, let's focus on how you should dress for the event and look presentable. There are 3 options you can choose from―floor-length gowns and skirts along with cocktail dresses. Pick either of these styles, and you'll breeze through the event without breaking a sweat. So, let's get our thinking caps on and find the perfect attire just for you.
Floor-length Black Gala Gown with Accessories
Breathtaking gown? Check. High-heeled shoes? Check. Frantically searching for matching accessories? Almost there. A gala is usually a black-tie affair where taking the time to figure out what to wear is a must. However, if time is short, a dramatic floor-length gown never disappoints. Evening shoes, mostly high-heeled sandals or pumps are a necessity, and 2 - 3 items of accessories is all you need.
Strapless Floor-length Pink Black Gala Gown
Long Sleeves Floor-length Red Gala Gown
One Shoulder Floor-length Purple Gala Gown
Strapless Floor-length Pink Gala Gown
Lace Floor-length Black Gala Gown
When shopping, look for a body-flattering gown in a color you love; because that is theonly you'll be able to rock the heck out of it. Putting an elegant outfit together is nothing more than being comfortable in your own skin. Add accessories like earrings, bracelet, clutch purse, shoes, and/or cocktail ring to take the outfit to a whole new level.
Knee-length Blue Gala Cocktail Dress with Black and Silver Accessories
For younger women, knee-length or cocktail dresses are the way to go. Wear real jewelry, or the ones that seem real. Basically, the idea is to outshine anyone and everyone at the event. But beware of tacky-looking jewelry items that only sparkle, and don't deliver. And if all else fails, find/wear one the most dressiest little black dress.
Knee-length White Gala Dress
Knee-length Black Gala Dress
Knee-length White Gala Dress with Sequin
Lace Knee-length Beige Gala Dress
Pick a fantastic vibrant color that complements your skin tone. Depending on when the event is, time of the day and year, your dress needs to be the splash of color. If browsing from store to store is not an option for now, consider going on an online hunting spree at ModCloth, ASOS, Stop Staring!,Unique Vintage, and RoseGal. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with their collections.
Floor-length Red Skirt with Black Top and Accessories
Not a 'dress' per se, but since we're talking about getting ready for a gala event, many women are opting for long formal skirts paired with a lovely blouse. Nowadays, this attire is widely accepted to formal events as they look chic and polished.
Floor-length Purple Skirt with Floral Top for Gala
Floor-length Orange Skirt with Long-sleeved Jacket for Gala
Floor-length Satin Skirt with White Top for Gala
Floor-length Green Skirt with White Blouse for Gala
Floor-length Orange Skirt with White Top for Gala
Look for an elegant floor-length skirt in fabrics like chiffon, lace, silk, or satin. All these skirts have a formal appeal to them, and can be easily incorporated into your event. Pick a blouse that has sleeves; but if you're keen on wearing a sleeveless blouse, take a stole or wrap along.
We hope that the suggestions for gala dresses given in this PartyJoys article will help you plan your final attire as smoothly as possible. Remember to look at the whole picture―dress, accessories, hair, makeup―when dressing for a gala, or any other event/occasion for that matter.