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Housewarming Party Favor Ideas That are Ultimate in Cozy Elegance

Housewarming Party Favor Ideas
A lot of thought goes into choosing a housewarming party favor. It should be something that the recipient would like to have, and it should be creative and thoughtful.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
In choosing a party favor, remember one simple thing. Gift something that you would like to receive. An added benefit is that if you are left with an extra gift, it will be something even you had wanted to have!
Housewarming marks a new beginning, and what better way to celebrate new beginnings than a party with close friends and family! It's a good gesture to thank your guests with a good party favor. And we are here to help you choose one.
Cookie Jar with Cookies
housewarming party favor ideas
Sweet memories and a sweet party favor, a jar filled with cookies for them to savor! Can it get more poetic? Get a beautiful cookie jar or a mason jar and fill it with cookies or sweets. Personalize it if you wish to. On each jar, add the initials or the name of the guest and the date of your party. Or write a 'thank you' message on the jar.

While the cookies/sweets will be eaten, the jar will remain as a memorabilia.
Welcoming Figurines
housewarming party favor ideas
A welcome sign or a figurine for display makes a wonderful party favor. Try to find something unique or different like the ones shown here. The guests will be able to use these as welcome signs on the entrance door of their house, or as display items in the garden, drawing room or on tables or bookshelves. Even garden gnomes make good housewarming party favors. If you have friends who collect porcelain figurines, gift them something to add to their collection.
Tea Infuser
housewarming party favor ideas
There's something calm and cozy about having tea. How about giving your guests something that enriches their tea-drinking experience. Give them tea infusers along with coasters as a party favor. You could gift them one of the two, or club them. The infusers not only look fancy and elegant but can be found in different shapes too. With coasters, you have ample choice. And they make a useful party favor too.
housewarming party favor ideas
It is always nice to give your guests something for their kitchen. Kitchenware it is. You could choose from salt and pepper mills and coffee mugs to salad tongs and wooden bowls. There's variety in their shapes, sizes, and colors and you could choose a favor depending on your budget. Something for the kitchen also has a 'house' theme, that makes it a perfect housewarming party favor.
Picture Frames
housewarming party favor ideas
Picture frames are again something for the house. You could choose the size you like and go for a single large frame or multiple small ones. If the budget is a constraint, you could get inexpensive frames and decorate them with dried flowers, rhinestones, glitter, etc. This will also allow you to personalize them. As a variation to blank frames, you could supplement them with some pictures of your new house. You could take pictures of your guests and gift them those, along with the frame.
Wine Bottle with Accessories
housewarming party favor ideas
A wine bottle with accessories like a corkscrew, wine stopper, aerator, etc. makes a good housewarming party favor. Gifting only a wine bottle is also a good idea. If your pocket allows, you could also buy some accessories and make this combination a party favor for your guests.
Snow Globe
housewarming party favor ideas
Imagine holding it in your hand and watching a snowfall. In seconds, you are taken to a different world that resides in this glass globe. This magic of little movements and music can engage you for hours. How about gifting your guests this experience and giving them a chance to have it every time they feel like. Yes, we are talking about giving them a snow globe as your housewarming party favor. You will find them in different sizes, and there will be variety in the scenes featured in them.
Potpourri and Aromatics
housewarming party favor ideas
Potpourri and aromatics (aroma candles, essential oils, incenses, etc.) make excellent party favors. You could supplement this with bath accessories too. Even giving any one of these would be good. Just scented candles or a kit of bath soaps and oils is a beautiful return gift on a housewarming party.
Bonsai Tree
housewarming party favor ideas
Plants make wonderful gifts as well as party favors. You could choose a bonsai, an indoor plant, or even garden plants for the guests who have a garden. For those fond of flowering plants, you could choose a plant of their choice. Or you could buy a variety of plants and let the guests choose.
Bathroom Slippers
housewarming party favor ideas
If you know the importance of cozy bathroom slippers, you will know the importance and value of this return gift. They are useful, and are available in many colors and sizes. Choosing unisex and free-size slippers would be a good idea.
You could choose one from these or combine the ones you liked. Gift something thoughtful and something that's useful. Build around the 'home' theme in this case, since it is a favor for your 'housewarming' party.
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