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Exciting Class Reunion Games to Make the Occasion More Special

Class Reunion Games
If you're in charge of organizing your class reunion, then it is imperative that you leave no stone unturned to make the gathering a success. Try some interesting games for the reunion party that will enliven the atmosphere and make your class reunion truly memorable.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Meeting up with good old friends and classmates is the main aim of arranging class reunions. But not everyone may reminisce about the past and get all chatty. Some of them would clam up. After years of little or no contact, breaking the ice with fellow mates can be difficult. For everyone to mingle, and get over their initial apprehension, a little fun and games is definitely helpful.
Theme Party!
Deciding a theme for the party is a good way to perk things up. Ask the participants to dress according to the theme. But don't be too specific, and pick up a theme that can be easily achieved.
Here, I have suggested a few games that you can easily arrange at your class reunion. These games do not require extensive planning or props, and are not physically demanding either. An added advantage of class reunion games is that they not only bring back old memories but also create new ones that can be cherished in the future.
Games For Class Reunion
Classmate in the Hat
You can write the names of all the classmates on chits and drop them in a hat. Each person has to pick up a chit and not read the name aloud. The idea is to get others guess the name by dropping hints about that person. Some secrets or typical traits that are associated with the person could be revealed.
The main aim of this game is to see how well the classmates know each other. The organizer should ensure that the description or hinting is done in jest, and everyone walks out of the reunion feeling happy.
What's the Thing?
In this game, one person is asked to leave the room or to go to a place where he/she won't be able to listen to the group's discussion. Then, the group has to decide one thing that is common to everyone. To give you an example, let's consider 'music'.
Now the person who has left is called. He/she has to guess the common factor or thing by asking every person in the group, "How's yours?". Each person will answer according to their choice, and the person who is guessing will have to judge the answer.
How Many ...
This is a clever game where the participant definitely wins a goodie, no matter if he/she wins or not. A little preparation is required for this game. The organizer has to think of a wide range of questions that start with 'How many'.
For example, let's take the question of how many pets do you have? The person who has the maximum number will get pet treats. The next would be how many vacations have you had? The person who has had the most would get a beach bucket with a shovel. Got the idea, you have to be innovative, and the prizes have to be really unique at the same time a little humorous too.
Mimicking Teachers
Back in school, each and every person must have had a secret (or an open) crush. Most would have hid their feelings, whereas, a few brave souls would have gone a step ahead and tried to woo their crushes. Some would have tasted success, most others―possible embarrassment. Share your stories and experiences, and award a special prize to the person who is chosen as the worst wooer of all (in a good way, of course).
Spot the Photo
10 - 20 years is long enough to transform young and wannabe machos into potbellied, graying men. Get a collection of class photographs from your yearbook. Group them together and let people try to recognize the faces in the photos. Seeing how scarecrow Samuel has changed into a hefty Uncle Sam, or how Aunt Susie was once the sexy 'n' svelte Susan Ortega, can be quite hilarious (as long as its taken in the right spirit).
Slam book Fun
Filling each others slam books, yearbooks, etc., is almost a tradition during the last year of school. At that time, all of us end up writing about our career goals, ambitions, dreams, etc. In most cases, where life takes us and what actually transpires is something totally different.
If you can manage to lay your hands upon any such old slam books or yearbooks, try to compare each person's career interests 10-20 years ago with what they are doing at present. You could award special gifts to people who achieved what they said they would, as well as those who initially wanted to become doctors but ended up becoming stand-up comedians.
Class Skit
I'm sure you must have had a trademark class play, or a skit or a song-dance sequence back in school. Try and recreate the same age-old magic by enacting or performing it at your reunion. Revive those good old memories and go back in time. Though this is not a game in the true sense, but it will ensure that old friends get together and have a great time.
Common Games
Of course you can also incorporate some common party games for class reunions, such as charades, spin the bottle, karaoke contest, etc. Playing truth or dare at class reunions almost always leads to the unraveling of hidden secrets (most of them related to class romance!), and it can be quite an enjoyable and an entertaining experience indeed!
Fun Ideas
You could also give away customized keepsakes like coffee mugs or key chains with the name of the school/college/university, and the year of passing printed on it. Everyone would love and appreciate the idea. You can go the extra mile by inviting a teacher to the class reunion, asking him/her to address the group, and gifting him/her a signed memorabilia from all the attendees would make the event memorable. Although not a game, yet this can just spark up the event.